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  1. I'd use on that dot: Gradient/Radial - Transparency mode. This is just what I think
  2. The mirror-dot in the middle/center of the orb. I think you should give it a shoot of a little opacity or feather. Just saying. Otherwise i think the picture is really lovely! Take care
  3. First of all I'm color-blind. Yes I am. I did draw this pictures yesterday. Why? just for fun before bed. The text needs to get fixed as well. But I hope you can give me some hints about the color! Thank you!
  4. A fantasy picture? Looks real to me Good job there!
  5. Hey old fella! Can you explain in PM or write a fast tutorial how you got it like that? I mean the light! Looks really cool!
  6. "My 4th spacescape still not very realistic but closer" I can not agree on that one mate. Looks awesome!!! But would be more awesome in 1920 * 1080 And 71 layers. booya. that's a lot. Usually i stick with max. 7 layers. Anyway, Awesome picture! For being honest: Is the best picture I ever seen on this forum! Next time draw Mona Lisa?
  7. Lovely pictures Helen! You know I always like them! Been a while since i was a active drawer. Now I don't have the time to be drawing 10 pictures every day. Have work + computer fixes, programming, music creations. And a life to catch
  8. Aislin, you should find it on my Gallery. Lovely pictures you've made!
  9. My Own Creation Of A Tornado Warning: Picture size is: 1980 / 1080 Hidden Content:
  10. T Joker: a hint for you. Begin reading some tutorials (you will find them here: viewforum.php?f=29) And download some plugins(from here: viewforum.php?f=16) Or do as i did to create my own taste. That will mean: From scratch By testing other methods to get the pictures you want it
  11. Tilo, that's a excellent picture, good work, 10 out of 9
  12. Tilo, that's a excellent picture, good work, 10 out of 9
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