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  1. Thank you guys! Planet Earth Enjoy
  2. If you have or can borrow, use a scanner to scan your pictures to the computer. And then add some cool effects I've done it before (requests)
  3. Thank you all for the sweet compliments! I'm taking the fonts from dafont dot com. I'm too lazy to make my own fonts
  4. Lovely pictures. But the small thing you have to think of is edge of the object. On your pictures it's kinda blured. Just saying. Have fun d[^_-]b
  5. You said you are a newbie?! haha you are far from being a newbie. It's just awesome! That error pictures could i use on my websites haha. Well done mate!
  6. Thank you guys! ShinichiOkazaki:I can not teach anyone how to draw. But i can give you some hints. 1: Download every plugins you find on the forum. 2: Used layers and blindings? I get the real touch from that one. 3: Anti-aliasing on every layer. I'm using on my pictures about 10 to 50 layers of pictures that i'm mixing with all the time Remember: It's the quality you are looking for. And other thing I'm telling myself all the time: The only person you are challenging is against yourself. And one other little thing. Remember to post pictures you have made. Here, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Anywhere New picture:
  7. The 3D box has a few glitches.. Enjoy
  8. Thank you all! Whenever I come up with something new I'll draw it and upload it here
  9. Looks nice! Really nice! But the small thing that should get fixed is the font. by using the feather plugin. You can find that plugin on this forum. But the pictures in itself is really nice!
  10. I'd use on that dot: Gradient/Radial - Transparency mode. This is just what I think
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