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Clouds will invert colors...so...nothing! :)

By setting the cloud blending mode to negation, what you're doing is adding another batch of clouds to whatever you have, and negating whatever is there already. So the colors will look inverted, but if you keep on adding clouds, you should be able to see how the cloud layer changes.


I have to admit, this is the first tutorial I tried, and also (imho) one of the hardest to follow. I'm very tempted to try and rewrite it a better way, but it's not too hard if you follow his example to the letter.

Keep going, and let us know how it goes! :D

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.... where do you see the qoute_ LEVELS" ? you dont mean curve do you?

edit: ahh, wiat, never mind. now i feel stupid for wasteing space. i found it. kinda confusing though. sorry about that. if you wana delete this message, feel free.


the lambda symbol is the scientific symbol of all things decaying over a rapid period of time. Or in a different subject, the photographers term of an object moveing so fast it blurs the picture puposefully.

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my OLD sig tutorial

my myspace... it has more photos then DA

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