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  1. its been a while since iv eposted. i dont get a chance to use the internet that much... and guess what!? ITS MY birthday. yay! heres something i cooked up of one of my favorite bands.
  2. MODERATOR--- PLEASE MOVE THIS TO OVER FLOW. MY COMPUTER LAGGED AND I DID NOT REALIZE I WAS STILL IN TUTORIALS. THANKS ive been hearing a lot of... sayings here recently, so i figured id ask the users of pdn what there philosophy is. its nothing serious, but still ive got to ask. i dont honestly know what my philosophy is, which is why im dissapointed that i realy cant start the posts..... well actually i jsut rememberd something my teacher once told me that does stand true. my philosophy is: "he who hesitates, is lost". so, what are your's?
  3. i actually happen to be a huge fan of this effect myself. here- on whatever object you wwant to add a glare (a orb for example) take the tool selection (for a orb make it the circle selection) and place it however large, and whever you want the glare to be. then use your gradient tool with your primary colour set to full white, and your secondary to fully transparent, drag it down through the circle you made with the selection tool. then diselect and blur it a little. i (i know that wasnt realy good but if you can make some understanding out of it, then thats all you realy should need to know, or at least the basics.)
  4. now i find this very funny. i actually made this for a friend of mine who siad HE WANTED it. @ k. diggy (thats my short cut for calling you now) lol, thats funny. pimp suit.
  5. wow man... thats like trying to draw with microsoft word. that realy SUCKS. beacon tastes good. WHOA!
  6. sigh: im depressed. please read my sig.... alas i have even posted the description right below my sig picture. it is not an A... man i realy shouldnt post science stuff here now should i? and thanks for the rating. 7/10 for you
  7. ive got something off topic- never try to mess with a 90 year old lady outside your house begging for money. last time i did i had to play my least favorite game - mace in the face. no realy boys and girls, its true. (i couldnt go out with my girlfriend later that day because i was temporarily blind) (ok if your wondering what realy happend, i went outside and triped dow my poorches stairs and fell down and busted open my elbow. it hurt, so thats why i didnt go out. so i guess the real storry is that you should never mess with stairs)
  8. well, i do find this quite true and actually funny, however i can see that photoshop is obviously supperior to paint.net......SIKE. nice job, but this isnt worth a whole thread.
  9. alright, thanks, ive been looknig for some honest feed back for... a while now :shock: .
  10. alright, becuase ppl did catch the question, ill post it agian. what do you like better? this sig: or the one im currently useing??? @ ruben: i like photography. im a photographer myself, and an apprentice photojournalist. do you use the process of lambda? (speed blurring?) probably not if you use digital cameras. :evil: film is better.
  11. hey what about my sig related question? i need some info! @ revenge : and yes i like the car. nice.
  12. thnks @ k. ddiginero (i think i spelled it wrong). i see that would explain it. and even though this has nothing to do with anything, i love pizza.
  13. hey, thanks guy. i like youres becuase your last name is lnog and i cant pronounce it, and i have no idea what your first name is. :shock: 7/10
  14. ok, i nee dsome feed back here, which one do you like better? my old sig? or the one i currently have on. (still rate my sig i have now though,) and tell me which is better. OLD ONE and my new one is... "equipped??" thnks.
  15. alright, well these are both basicly the same thing. the first is way before i was finished and wanted to see how it turned out. the second is the finished project. EDIT: i changed the picture / fixed the picture to make it look better.
  16. I love it I like the way the red blurs into the gray. PS Any tips on them? hey, thanks. sorry dor dbl post, im at school again.
  17. im gonig to put the description in my sig. THAT IS NOT AN A. and its SUPPOSED to be blurry.
  18. what the lambda symbol? ive been asked many times. its a fairly long description but for times sake cuz i gotta get to bed ill keep it short. its the scientific symbol of all things decaying at a rapid period of time. it is also a symbol/ phrase/saying used by photographers such has myself to express a picture when you are photographing an object moveing so fast it purposefully blurrs some of your picture to make it look different. im a big fan because im a photographer. Interesting. I've never seen or heard of it before Ever heard of Half-life? yea, i play that, but you do know that half-life is also a scientific term right? its the term of when two items colide togethor at such a speed that it causes a paradox. they predict that will happen to earth in about.... 15.8 years.
  19. ok.. one thing. am i the only one whos noticed that SOMEONE (rick....) is allowing a advertisement to show for PHOTOSHOP!? at the top of the page? well... someones gotta do soemthing about that. anyway, heres a sig i made for my friend ikid. i dont know if he likes it or not. oh well. i think i did a good job. feedback appreciated.
  20. wait.... WHAT!? green is the best colour there is! :x its my favorite. nah im just playing. im not mad, but realy. you cant have to much greens!
  21. heres my trie. i deviated a little from the regular pathway, but hey, i like.
  22. i think i may have double posted. sorr yif i did. but anyway heres a sig i made. edit: heres some playing i did with my old image. i think i like it better without the square behind it.
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