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  1. @ Pyjo; that space picture is awesome. Insane. Unbelievable.
  2. hey, i was wondering something. i have techniques that differ slighty from youres, but whats your techniq from gonig to a darker shade to a lighter shade like the bloo on your orb? (bloo=bkue, i just like spelling it differrently) Tell me, please, how do you add that 'shine' effect.
  3. How did you make your sig? I love the pattern. And I mean the 'igottalearnhowtodoitorillhaveaseizureanddie' kind of love.
  4. How do you add that 'shine' effect? Lord I've been trying to do that forever-but to no avail.
  5. It might not be as good as, well, everyone's stuff but I like it .
  6. I could never put into words how amazing that is. The water is so freaking real.
  7. You're entitled to that, but Vern's have more texture in them and are therefore more realistic. Its one thing to make a cube on an graphic manipulating program, but it is another to step it forward and enhance the program's ability. While Ash's was indeed good, Vern's was beyond what can easily be achieved and thus I conclude that Vern's, not Ash's, cubes are better.
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