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  1. ive got something off topic- never try to mess with a 90 year old lady outside your house begging for money. last time i did i had to play my least favorite game - mace in the face. no realy boys and girls, its true. (i couldnt go out with my girlfriend later that day because i was temporarily blind) (ok if your wondering what realy happend, i went outside and triped dow my poorches stairs and fell down and busted open my elbow. it hurt, so thats why i didnt go out. so i guess the real storry is that you should never mess with stairs)
  2. heres my trie. i deviated a little from the regular pathway, but hey, i like.
  3. i hate my school. they got a keylogger on my computer and ill get in trouble if i try to hack it off. i got booted off paintdotnet forumer. :x :evil:
  4. im tired of aliens. i mean, realy? cmon? your going to ubduct us then probe us up the bung hole? is that what you do for a living? get a life! JEEZE.
  5. forgive me for double posting... but i had to say this lol. james woods.
  6. to be 100% honest, i think the best movie ive EVER seen is I AM LEGEND. its got will smith in it. and believe me, ive seen a lot of movies :shock:
  7. i like this tutorial. it reminds me of those pictures you can buy where the water seems to be real. only one difference. this is awesome, and the pictures are tacky.
  8. sweet!!! i downlaoded it now and am makeing all sortsa stuff! (ill post them here later)
  9. I HATE BALLNIG UP SOCKS!!! parents make me ball them up before i put them in the hamper for them to go wash. then they get seperated anyway!? wtf!!!!???? wth is the point of you yelling at me to ball it up if it sjsut about to be seperated again anyway!????? so [ frustrating ].
  10. this wouldnt have been a fight if you handt made it into one. i said a slang name of the APPLE notes, and you escaladed it. i dont realy care what you call them. im gonig to call them by what a lot of the people i know adn have met called them. there, fight solved.
  11. yea... i know... thats there official name.... there slang names are apple notes because they have a stem attaching them both.... dur??? Hmm... One, I find your childish faux-expletive "dur" is capable of three things [*:3a6iyvso]It is capable of not amusing me [*:3a6iyvso]It is capable of not being even slightly insulting. Must try harder. [*:3a6iyvso]It is capable of making me feel that if you were to have one more brain cell, you could be classifiable as a rather primitive bryophyte. Illud est (i.e), a small moss. By the way, would it not seem more logical to give the nick-name "Che
  12. yea... i know... thats there official name.... there slang names are apple notes because they have a stem attaching them both.... dur???
  13. i love death cab for cutie. i got a couple of ther cds. you like alternative? For SURE! you know what? uve inspire dme. im gonna make a graphic about music..... mayby some doblue apple notes. (the two notes connected at the top)
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