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  1. This is just about the best plugin I've ever seen! I have an entire folder devoted to lineart I get from Deviantart to use in PdN as a digital colouring book for my little sister (and occasionally myself) when I babysit her. She's always getting frustrated when there are little white specks around the edges because they make the background white. I cannot tell you how much of a lifesaver this is! This should also come in real handy when it comes to importing my own lineart. Huzzah for Silverhammer! -Katastrophies :-D
  2. sucks to be you because...I can be me Win a(n) ____ loose a(n) _____
  3. because the real world is boring I have a huge project project due on the 21st, why am I not working on it?
  4. Because the producer couldn't tell rectangles from squares. If a cross between a devil and an angel is a devgel than what is a cross between an angel and a devil?
  5. Because this guy -> took green. Why does Popeye eat spinach and not broccoli?
  6. Mine is 1024 by 768. My laptop is perfecto! Wish it had a longer battery life though...
  7. Bleed It Out by Linkin Park, and it just ended. Now it's Crash and Burn by Simple Plan. I love Linkin Park and Simple Plan! *Squeals* Everyone: Did she just squeak? Me: *Is too busy squealing to hear*
  8. Because we can't have slaves in america, and I can't have one in 'Insanity' either. That isn't fair How come the remote won't work on this TV? It works on the one in the front room! And furthermore how come the evil computer is trying to assimilate me? <-- See? That's me! Doesn't it know I'll die? :?
  9. This was the first tutorial I tried, (before I joined the forum) and I got this: Then I tried again and inveted it and got this: Awesome and easy to follow tut!
  10. Okay, I'm joining the confused :?: I got to step 2.c and I repeated it over 25 times. Before the clouds effect: After clouds 1 time and the 26th time: I'm confused... :?: Any help please? Before anyone asks just so no one troubles themselves to ask the questions: I placed the text on a different layer, I set the clouds layer to negation, clouded at exactly double my font and blurred at 1/8th, I can't get a cloud at all? I'm running 3.20. Please I need help and am really confused. Thanks in advance!
  11. When I got Paint.NET a while back this was the second tutorial I found (I think...) I failed miserably at it. I tried it again and got: And this is my second attempt: Yay! First post!
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