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  1. here's mine - I added lightning I also made the clouds, lighting, etc. look more like it would while it was raining. This is a great tut. Tell me what you think.
  2. Thank you for your answer, it is much appreciated; but, in my question, splashes has nothing to do with spirograph & spiroshapes, same goes for sinwaves, it has nothing to do with kaleidogen & kaleidoscope in my question either. [off topic]Nice sig
  3. after updating my paint.net to the newest version, i now have several duplicate plugins. I would like to know which ones i should delete or keep. They are as follows: splashes.dll or splashesbez.dll sparkles.dll or sparkles_stars.dll or sparkles_glitter.dll sinwaves.dll or sine curve.dll I would appreciate your help.
  4. I have an idea for #10, how about a sig with the paint.net logo incorporated in it somehow
  5. how come median blur is under the new noise sub directory? Sorry, but to me that doesn't make since
  6. I'm sure more people noticed it, Just not everyone will post comments sometimes. Thankyou Ash, i understand now, but I just wanted to know what people thought of my first ever pictorium pictures.
  7. thnx TLH, also check out the ones on page 625 that nobody but ash noticed (that i know of)
  8. a agree, but i was just rushing b/c i wanted to do that part and then get to what i am working on. i didn't know other people were doing rubik's cubes, so please lay off
  9. that's right, you saw it in the dice tut, btw i redid it to be more realistic with the indentions and all that
  10. that looks good unlikelyangel does anyone ever notice whenever i post anything?
  11. @panhead, here's what you were talking about, i call it v 1.2, aka a more detailed version 1 Done!
  12. If that's what you want, you will need to make each block on it's own then piece all of them together. Exactly, but i might try to make the indentations a different way.
  13. everybodies pictures look great! what do you all think of my pictures i posted on page 625? (no one seems to have noticed ) 9400th post in pictorium! only 600 to go til 10,000
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