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Tom Jackson

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Awesome ! Thanks for the tips. Only bad thing is, as I am a new user it is hard for me, and many others, to keep up and understand what your trying to tell us. so could you please make it easyer to understand and follow what your saying. Thanks


- Paintball is the special Olympics of Airsoft -

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Well I have found a legal way to set my spouse on fire. And I don't even have to go to jail!! I can just pretend that he is burning!

Thanks for the tut. :D

But I tweaked it a little bit. And they are both circles because I though it looked nice.



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Hi everyone, new here.

Can you add a screenshot after each step so I can make sure I'm on the right path?

Also, whenever I try this all the cloud does is change the color back and forth, and when I try it with white background and black font it clouds the entire picture and I quickly lose the font. What am I doing wrong?

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I did it a easier way, but it might come out different.

1.) I used a 800x600 canvas.

2.) I added text and made sure the size was 288.

3.) I clicked Magic Wand Tool, held CTRL and clicked all the text.

4.) I used the Clouds Effect.

5.) I used the Effect Fire on it.

And here is my result.


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