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  1. dana

    Firey Text

    I don't know what I'm doing differently, but I keep getting something like this. Adding some different effects (just playing around) I got this, even though it's not a very impressive image
  2. The person... though I don't think it really matters. I just want to know how to do it in general... can you help? Please and thanks
  3. thanks... but i searched for it, and the quickmasking tutorial link i found didn't work. do you have a link?
  4. Okay, for Paint.NET users, of course ... is there any way to crop a certain picture (for example, a person) out of am image, leaving the background, without using the lasso tool? Whenever I try to do it, I always mess up around the edges. The Magic Wand tool rarely selects what I need it to. Can anyone help me? Or at least tell me a better way to crop if not a completely different technique?
  5. Thanks... So, I understand that if you want a professional-looking animated graphic, you have to create and save every time, frame by frame, little by little, even though it takes forever.. XP lol. But, say I wanted to make an animated graphic with Paint.NET and use unFREEz, how would I do something such as fade text out or in? I don't know how to do that frame by frame.
  6. Is there any way to animate without creating and saving each individual frame of a graphic? I am currently using unFREEz to animate and I made my avatar by creating each separate frame, making the arm move a little bit each time. Is there a quicker way than that? Because I've been some really complex animated graphics made by Paint.NET users, and it doesn't look like they did that. It looks like a movie, like there were no frames involved. Any help?
  7. My fabulous signature (for another forum)... made by moi, for moi! lol. EDIT_New one with Anime instead.
  8. Yeah. thanks. =] I fianally did get to edit it, because I cropped the right half which I did not need to edit and pasted it onto a blank banner, then took the original image I used for the left side and pasted it, then used the gradient tool to blend them together. You can barely tell the difference. Here is my NEW creation: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a1/Hyp ... tedGIF.gif I hope the friend I made this for likes it better, or she's screwed because I can't edit it again!! Because I saved it as a .PDN, then a .GIF, but then when I opened the .PDN file the layers were flattened! So I made a test one and did the same thing and it worked that time. xP lol.
  9. Thanks. But, if I save it as a .PDN file, won't it still flatten the layers when I save it, like it does when I save it as .GIF? EDIT_Oh. apparently not. too bad I didn't know that when i made the banner. XP well thanks for your help
  10. Okay, say you've already made a graphic, and saved it. Such as this one, which I made: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a1/Hyp ... banner.gif And then the person you filled the request for wants you to edit something. The person I made that for wants me to edit the text. How can I do that without screwing up the whole image or starting all over?
  11. Si simple question, but... How do you add a drop shadow?!¿¡
  12. What I do, even though I'm a newbie as well, is put two images side by side of however you want them in two separate layers. select which you want to blend and click the gradient tool. then change the mode to transparency and blend away. Sorry I couldn't post a more full explanation. I'll try to find a link to the thread in which I learned how to do it. EDIT_ Look, I found it. Click the link below. I was asking the same question and someone posted a very good lesson on how to blend images together. Here you go: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... ght=#19020
  13. How do you tint an image? Say you are making a banner, and you've blended all your images together and stuff, but they are still their original colors. How do you tint it so that they are all shades of your choice of color? For example, you can make an image black and white, how do you do that same thing except for instance make it shades of purple?
  14. Mine is very simple but I decided to give it a quick try, lol This program is also great for making avatars and icons =P I tried out making an icon for a friend Not that complex but simple and sweet is a good way to go most of the time =D I am getting better every day, even thought its been well under one week since i installed Paint.NET