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  1. I've recently installed quite a few TT fonts off of dafont, and I've noticed that my font window has become quite sluggish to respond ever since. Every time I try to change the font, it takes longer for the window to open and longer for the cursor to respond. After a while it becomes tedious, and I'm trying to figure out if there's something I can do to fix this. Should I just uninstall all the fonts and put them back in one at a time (would take forever to test!) Thanks for any info!
  2. After reading some more threads, I decided to try removing the Base.dll from effects, and now everything seems to be in order. I appreciate the attention. Thanks!
  3. Since I installed version 3.31, it seems like several of the effects won't work anymore, including Feather, Tube Oblique, and some others. They don't show up anywhere in the effects menu anymore. I re-installed the effects the same way as ever, should I be doing something different? Thanks! Edited to add: Pyrochild's effects seem to work fine (Borders/Shapes, etc) but the ones I mentioned have disappeared from my effects menu, and don't reappear after a re-install. No 'compatibility' folder issue.
  4. I wasn't trying to create work for anyone! If you think it would be useful, I would certainly love to have something that works the way sabrown described, but otherwise I can find other ways to make it work. I have some images that I'm trying to recreate in an entirely different media, and I have to do it one pixel at a time, so I have to be able to build a pallette exclusively from the colors used in the pictures I've created. Thank you all for the advice!
  5. I'm trying to find a way to quickly replace the default pallette with one that consists only of the colors within a certain creation, or section of that creation. Is this possible to do without using the dropper and adding the colors one at a time? Thank you!
  6. Thanks much, cj! It's an awesome effect, and a great tutorial!
  7. Even though it proves that I am clueless, I find that answer to be 100% satisfactory. Thanks so much for clearing that up, BB!
  8. I used the plug-in to hide a color photo in the picture that I attached to my last post. When I "reveal" the hidden picture, it does not come out the same way it went in. The colors are blurred and the detail is lost. It's still identifiable, but the quality is way down. Can I only hide one photo in another, or does the type of pictures matter at all? Thanks.
  9. I'm getting some wonky results, what can I do to fix it? Awesome effect btw, I really enjoy it! Thanks for any help! Edited to add: Color photo hidden, forgot to mention....
  10. I've been playing around with PDN for about a month now, and it is really great to have this community here, I learned a lot my first few days just tooling around in the Tutorial section. Thanks to all the great contributors! Now, I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a good way to get a nice spiral Tie-Dye effect. I haven't seen any tuts on the subject and a Search revealed nothing of use. I attached an image demonstrating the type of effect I'd like. If anyone knows a good way to get there, I'd appreciate the input. Thanks! MrRezister
  11. This stuff is too much fun. I'm sure to get fired....
  12. I'm really loving what Paint.net can do. Thanks again to everyone for the tuts and tips. Still trying to progress a little at a time.....
  13. Awesome effect! A+ on the tutorial as well, thanks for this.
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