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  1. Congrats fellas Nice competition. So when are we having the next one??
  2. Need For Speed Click here for full size image Click here for stock used.
  3. Thanx BarbieQ I forgot to upload the NAILS by Mel businesscard when I uploaded the logo Here it is:
  4. But don't you think the spicy one is spicier than the sweet one??
  5. Question: If PNG is lossless why when you save the same image twice, once as PNG and once as TIFF, the TIFF file is way larger than the PNG file??
  6. Wow, nice work dude. Especialy the Sigs..
  7. @ St1cki3: Thanx man @ Goonfella: Thanx a lot.
  8. Uhm, isnt it the same as having two layers, making a circle on the top layer and then using the paintbrush on the bottom layer??
  9. Nice stuff. The old radio (vintage tunes) is my favorite
  10. Thanx Great tut you have there. The smiley tut. Going to try it out. I'll post my results
  11. Thanx. Yes, they are paid for, except for the ones that have my name (Wayne) in the design
  12. Great designs, especialy the rose and the grass
  13. @Sokagirl No there not difficult at all. Like the first one was created with the line tool. And then some outlining. I used to draw this on paper, just thought I'd try it with Paint.Net @ LibbyH Its kinda like graffiti, thats why its kinda hard to read. But like you said, after lookin at it for a while it becomes clear
  14. Hi Sokagirl Very nice gallery. You have a lot of designs of wich I have absolutely no idea how you did that .. like the "pink star" Howdya do that?
  15. Thanx for the compliments. I'll post some more designs when theire done.
  16. Hi, welcome to my gallery. I have posted some of my designs made with paint.NET and hope to get some qritique, whether it's positive or negative, so I can improve my skillz using all the advice I get from ya'll. Thanx in advance. 3D TV(My PMC #3 entry, got 3rd place) _____________________________________________________________ Logo- & NameDesigns: Wayne: MMWayne Logo: Wayne: Brotherhood Entertainment Logo: Monnie Media: AVA: OTABB: StarZz: Nails by Mel: Nails by Mel BusinessCard: Caribbean Flight Academy: _____________________________________________________________ Sigs: _____________________________________________________________ Now a Mixtape cover I designed and the pictures I used: These are the pics I used for the mixtape cover design: Hidden Content: _____________________________________________________________ Some MSN Scenes: Scene MMWayne: http://i569.photobucket.com/albums/ss137/MMWayne/SceneMixMasterWayneDesign.png Scene Ava: http://i569.photobucket.com/albums/ss137/MMWayne/SceneAVADesign.png _____________________________________________________________ 3D Box: http://i569.photobucket.com/albums/ss137/MMWayne/GraphicswithaTwist800X800.png
  17. Nice.. I'm new here, just signed up & would like to learn some of ya'll skillz. So I'll be asking some pros some questions... Hope I wont be a pain in the < no swearing >
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