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New & Improved 3D Text/Logo Tutorial!


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Seeing how my last 3D text tut was a big hit but unfortunately a huge headache to many people I set out to find an easier way to accomplish this effect. Now many days... weeks... ok months later I have come up with what I hope is an easier more "noob" friendly tutorial, not to mention the improvement in the visual department ;) .

So without further ado I present to you my "New & Improved 3D Text/Logo Tutorial!"

  • [#1] Open a new document and insert your text or logo (you can use the align object plugin to center it on the canvas), you can of course use whatever background you like so don't worry about the checkerboard as that is my BG of choice.
[#2] Now open the Rotate/Zoom menu (Ctrl+Shift+Z) and adjust the handy Roll/Rotate orb to a similar position as mine. Remember to experiment with different settings as this can produce some really cool effects, this can be said about almost every step of this tut.
-NOTE: Steps 3 & 4 can be reproduced using pyrochild's outline object plugin-
[#3] Duplicate the layer, place it under the the original and use your motion blur to add the 3d effect. The only thing you have to do the same as me is make sure the centered box is unchecked the rest is up to you.
[#4] To make the 3d-ness more solid your gonna have to hit the duplicate button then the merge button, keep doing this until it looks good and solid but stop before your edges get too jaggy (it took me 6 times).
[#5] Click on your logo/text layer and duplicate it, select the layer under the new layer and invert it from black to white (Ctrl+Shift+I). This step adds a little definition to you 3d image but is completely optional.
[#6] Now you have to add some color to your image, usually I would just invert it white and use one of my ed-fects to do this but it no longer works :x so heres another way: Invert it so that it's white and open your curves menu (Ctrl+Shift+M) and go to the RGB tab then select either one or two colors and move the line to something similar to the picture. You should try and get it close to the color you want but it doesn't have to be perfect...

EDIT: As long as the object is white there are a few different ways you can add color to it like color balance, color filter or color flip/rotate.
[#7] ...it doesn't have to be perfect cause you will be using your Hue/Saturation menu (Ctrl+Shift+U) to "fine tune" the color. Remember to make your motion blur layer a little (or a lot) darker but really you don't have to cause your the artist ;) .
[#8] Now for the fun (and probably hardest) part: adding the "glare". Make a new layer on top of everything and use the line tool to make some lines where you want your glare to be, connect the lines around your object then fill the middle with white. Everyone has their favorite style of glare so just experiment with your placement and shape to find something you like. (i guess that wasn't too hard :P)
[#9] Using your magic wand select the area around your logo/text, move to your glare layer, and hit delete.
[#10] Use your feather blur to make the edges softer. -NOTE: When I do the last two steps I use a method that involves the alpha mask plugin cause it make the lines a lot cleaner the what you get when using the feather blur but for the sake of simplicity I went with this method for the tut.-

[#11] Adjust the transparency of your glare and maybe mess around with your gradient tool in transparency mode.
[#12] -NOTE:You can skip this step if you want to save yourself a possible headache- Your mission, if you choose to except it, is to add some shiny accents! Make a new layer, select your line tool, color = white, and make a small line over an edge of your logo/text. Before you let go of your mouse button note the angle of your line at the bottom of the screen as you will need this for the next step (I made it red so you could see it easier... your welcome!).
[#13] Go to your motion blur and enter the angle that you "noted" in the last step, you can choose what distance you like best and whether or not the centered box is checked. ~I know the next few pics are screwed up but I blame that on lack of sleep~
[#14] Add a few of these, "shinys" as I call them, to your logo/text but not too many! I'm still trying to figure out how to get them to go around curves but there stubborn little fellows.
EDIT: I found a better, faster, easier way to make these: Make your line (it can be curved) then select the gradient tool in transparency mode and click the end of the line dragging it near the center, then repeat on the other side.
[#15] Guess what?... Your freakin done! Merge it all minus the background if you have one, if yours looks exactly like mine then give yourself a pat on the back and if yours looks somewhat like mine then give yourself a back rub cause your an artist who likes to be outside of the box :D . Try a little glow and see if that tickles your fancy and you can of course add a reflection by duplicating the layer, moving it below the top one, and dropping the transparency down a bit. Aaaand don't forget to add a shadow cause that will really make it stand out.

Thank you for taking the time to read my tutorial and I hope no one suffered any brain damage doing so (I probably did writing it). Don't forget to post you results here and spay and neuter your cats and dogs.


3dtutfinalgreenpm4.th.jpg 3dtutfinalbluebk9.th.jpg

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You win. :-)


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just when i think their is nothing but rubbish noob posts out of the blue comes a piece of greatness

if everyone had but a shard of your ability we would have no noobs

great tut simple to understand and easy to follow 10/10

recently converted from photoshop


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:shock: Woooooowwwww... :shock:


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