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  1. i'm getting the same "bug" how do i Disable the shell extension ? ill try and see if that works
  2. emm what is this meant to be?
  3. i like this idea great for yin-yang fire -water styled sig's
  4. i have noticed some peoples sigs when scroll over it u can click it and u get send to some other site how do i put a link into my sig???
  5. ty for the help guys ill try out ur ideas when i get a chance
  6. nice stuff but u should have more before u started this thred
  7. brilliant i love BLEACH! also where u get that great pic of oniue?
  8. hmm this is interesting i always been interested in indiana jones @sabbrown u think u can add some pictures please
  9. i like this idea would be interesting to see where it goes from here..hopefully into amv's
  10. well i think vista is funny but then again i also though ash was god.....
  11. hmm this seems interesting so i'll give it a shot edit:yes im big into japan and those are 2 training katana's
  12. most people would put anime and cartoon in the same area i dont so for cartoon.. family guy,simpsons,pokemon,teen titans.
  13. happy b-day sorry its a little late i was away:P
  14. happy b-day sorry its a little late i was away:P
  15. anyone here familar with the guy named mounty oum?he made some spoofs like haloid(metriod and halo)u should watch those stuff great.anyways back on topic i would say ledgend of zelda it was one of the best and most popular games ever made it deserves a movie but the game most likly to have a movie would be halo
  16. hey guys does anyone know if thats possible and if yes, how?
  17. (ture feather.) to you mean true feather ash? also try the brushes people made they can be very good for making backgrounds viewtopic.php?f=15&t=23171
  18. ok since you want critism bad i sugeest someone get pryo the most critical guy here(in a good way^^) ok firstly its kinda blurry its nothing special just a bunch of lines witha green backround and a circle in the middle no matter what u make there is always one thing u can do to make it better feather!the best plug-in ever made.
  19. man your new sig put's everyone else to shame i guess i have to stop being lazy and actually make something decent for myself hmm it seems everyone is going for robot like sigs and avatars latly is it some kind of trend anyway keep up the great work
  20. could you maybe but some pictures up too give use a better idea of what ur asking cause the gist of what im getting is you want to drag a image in a layer from one corner to the other also i agree the mods here are all great guys any "officer"@well is a scary but fair guy
  21. marc:Where is the stickman in your new avatar? ice fusion:I have been browsing the forums long before I joined, and I liked the stickman more too. looking at where the posts are going a poll to bring him back might start and as always cmd your stuff are brilliant there is only one word in the english langue to describe this much greatness and that is simply ASH
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