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  1. Ya, I know that the iPod ads have some detail to them I just didn't mind much of it. Still, I will add an "Additional Steps" when I have the chance. Edit: Done! Was that what you were talking about?
  2. Alternatively you could simply use the silhouette plugin. Agreed, I will edit it.
  3. Thanks Mike Ryan! I'm done. Hope you like it and that I didn't cause to much problems...
  4. Oh god I'm so embarrassed. Honestly I didn't mean to press submit. It has already been done? Really? My apologizes, I couldn't find one anywhere.... I guess this was a failure.
  5. Find a new version of this tutorial here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/17425-how-to-make-ipod-ads-rewrite-with-images
  6. Dawmail333: Your sig is way too simple but I can't say I don't like it, I don't know why though...6/10 The white one is a little too blurred. I like the concept though and your border would've looked nice without the blur. 5/10 (*Waits for a rate...*)
  7. 80% of the time I use renders. When I can't find a render I like, I use a stock image and cut out the render. (My sig was made with a render.)
  8. Nice! May I suggest some sites to get PS Brushes? Ps Brushes Deviant ART
  9. Nice! May I suggest some sites to get PS Brushes? Ps Brushes Deviant ART
  10. Rate my sig? I'm really looking forward to some comments.
  11. To simple for me (unless you made the sig like that on purpose, I'm not sure.) I do like the font but nothing else. 4/10 (9/10 if you were being sarcastic :wink: .)
  12. It's a good sig but I would suggest you put a border on it to stand out more.
  13. 1. Nice 2. Why don't you just post the image here instead of the link? 3. Needs Feather or Anti-Aliasing. 4. The rain is going on the shadowed part. 4. Try to find a place up there in the sticked topics so you can avoid making a whole new thread for one image.
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