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  1. For the outline, I advise using Anti-aliasing and then outline object with your set preferences as... Width: 2+ Softness: 255 - your width = what you must choose.
  2. Apologies Simon Brown, it appears that the search tool I used was similiar to that one. Therefore, it didn't come up with the best of results. :wink: I'd like this to be locked, if a moderator may. :idea:
  3. I've looked in the plug-ins section and I've been unsuccessful with my search to find it. I'd like to know if anyone else knows where it is.
  4. Well, I've been using Custom Brushes lately, and it always turns off and then Paint.net does. It's getting really annoying.
  5. I made a lame signature that's not very effective, check it out. How did I do?
  6. [rule=15]This is pretty much official, maybe a quick review of the rules?[/rule]
  7. [rule=15]This is pretty much official, maybe a quick review of the rules?[/rule]
  8. This should be stickied, literally. Nice post! I really like it!
  9. With the black image person, you could also add him to a new layer, go drop shadow, and check the original image and set it to black. :wink:
  10. Okay, I agree with the others GIMP is the best. I find the effects quite good, which in cases, Is good for making signatures. The time used to make it is about 10-20 minutes but a good outcome. I made a few with this that were quite good. I have made only fewer than you know, only having it for 3 months and is using PDN right now! The smudge tool is quite good if you're making a smudge-brush painting. :idea: GIMP is located here. If you have any questions not stated above PM me. Regards, Jordan.
  11. Just an add-on: You could also make a new layer, type a text, double click the layer and make oppacity 49. :wink: Show the outcome.
  12. Tell me what you think: It's naruto's Character, Kisame. If you don't know or watch Naruto I suggest searching.
  13. Good Job- I made something way different to this! Good Outcome.
  14. How do we make plug-ins? I've got one but I can't find out how. Help, please! :?
  15. Make sure you press CTRL+D to deselect any active areas before you run the Gravity plugin, or press CTRL+A to make sure the entire canvas is selected. I'll try it out and show you my end result! Thank You.
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