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  1. *points at something* Bob: "You see that?" Billy: "what?" Bob: "It's Dalton! On the PDN forums!" Billy: Parteh time! Quick guys! I need an update (in 100 words or less.. ) of what's happened in the last.. oh.. 6 months.
  2. My SRT (Student Resource Time) teacher is from somewhere south, like Marocco or something and says "et cetera" a lot.
  3. My finals are too! I only had a 2 hour delay, we should of had no school but we did.
  4. Against Detroit. Wow.. I figured they'd blow 'em out of the water.
  5. Heh. I think the only day I look forward to is Sunday..
  6. Practice..practice, practice. I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 right now. I wish PDN worked on Linux..
  7. *Cough* They got lucky. *cough* Tomorrow night, should be a good game.. Jets VS Pats.
  8. A bit late for Indiana, and I can't anyway. Well. I don't like either candidate. We. Are.. Screwed.
  9. Ha. We'll see in a couple weeks.. :twisted:
  10. O RLY? They said people by the great lakes were supposed to get some snow, but mostly by new york.. I love snow..
  11. All I remember is that the Bears are in the NFC and I don't see them on either of your lists. Not cool! Haha.
  12. I'm curious as to why uH didn't get in trouble for his last post (last post page before this..). Just curious why he posted it in all capitals.. 0.o
  13. No way, Chicago Bears all the way baby! 4-3. Colts are going to lose this weekend, they play Titans I heard from a friend. (Who are 6-0 btw.) Bears are on a bye week this week..
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