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  1. Since I am back on the forums.. I'll post avatars / signatures I've made over the last years. (Fail grammar ) - - - (oldest signature) (lastest work)
  2. I would blur/soften the sand a little bit and it would be perfect to me .
  3. There is already another tut made for this (forget name of that tut) Here a very old image I made for that tut:p
  4. To difficult to read, sorry.. Got the sets on pc but can't use in
  5. To difficult to read, sorry.. Got the sets on pc but can't use in
  6. Here this is what i made, for Windows "XD"
  7. Looks like a render from some render downloading sites.. But still quit nice (the colors:D)
  8. I didn't make the exact effect.. (to bad, because i like this tut very much:D) here's my try.. don't cry! :shock:
  9. Just love the tut, used for a school project Hope i got a high point :o
  10. I tried to make the walls a bit "3D", it worked better then I tought (and made a new sig + avater:p)
  11. Ty for the tut, gonna make something with this
  12. Going download the plugin in right away! very nice skillz! @ tourist: What a strange table.. No legs, (how you say,..) just hanging in the air:p