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  1. Great plugin, but just a thought you might want to add the option to rotate the frame just to streamline the process instead of placing the frame a new layer and then rotating. Geoff
  2. Hi pink77punk welcome to the Paint.Net Forum, enjoy your stay. Geoff
  3. Its been a long time in the making, can't wait for the final release. Good work Rick Geoff
  4. Definitely beats your last 3D text tut in terms of simplicity and quality, good effort Geoff
  5. Thanks for the long needed update Illnab Geoff
  6. Just one quick bug report, when you change the brush colour it only has a difference in "mask brush mode" and not "colour brush mode". This occurs when a colour other than black is selected in "colour brush mode" the plug-in still renders a black and white image. I may be totally wrong here but i don't think you intended it to do this. Excellent work Simon you're doing a great job, keep it up. I look forward to seeing future updates of this as I'm sure many others will be too. Good luck Geoff
  7. Just to double check does that mean Polar Inversion Plus is now redundant with the new release of Polar Inversion in PDN v3.3b1? Geoff
  8. Thanks for the plug-in pack Illnab1024, just a quick thought you might want to add to your text that users can delete the multiple .dll files from their effects folder that your new plug-in supersedes. Also what happened to "flip" in this plugin pack. Geoff
  9. Great to hear it worked fine for you Oma Geoff
  10. Oma, I may be totally wrong here however this happened to me just the other day because i was running an older version of the drop shadow plugin. You can download the latest drop shadow plugin from http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22881. I also am running PDN v3.3b1 and currently haven't had any errors with the drop shadow from the link mentioned above. Just as a note do not refer to the original drop shadow page as the download link and text has not been updated with the latest version. I hope this solves your problem and stops Rick and David from worrying. Geoff
  11. Thanks again Ed for the speedy updates as always . Love the work you do keep it up! PS. Try and get some sleep you deserve it :wink: Geoff
  12. Again nice update, i have just tested it out and all works fine (as it should ). Geoff
  13. Very good tutorial Wither, many people have attempted similar but you have taken yours to a new level using your "soft brushes" technique. Anyway very good effort and here is my first attempt: (I prefer having only one colour of "atmospheric dust".) Geoff
  14. Looks like a brilliant idea. This will become very handy indeed, and save me a lot of time Geoff
  15. Very interesting plug-in, this certainly has potential. However i am not 100% clear on what i should be doing. If you could provide some simple pointers on how to use SubLCD and what you would use it for, this would clear up my understanding a lot. Apart from that very good effort for a fist go at coding , and i'm sure it will come in handy when resizing pics once people have a better understanding. Geoff
  16. Tanel, nice update and great improvements from "Tone Picker", glad to see you took my advice and added the "feather" effect to your plug-in . Geoff
  17. Excellent tutorial and great adaptations Wither. I look forward to seeing more from you in the way Photoshop tutorials. Geoff
  18. Your going to have to give a bit more detail than that. Preferably go to your file type folder and post a screen shot with the icon view as "tile". Then we will be able to see the file names and version of the plug-in Geoff
  19. Excellent effort in creating a very effective tut Geoff
  20. The odd thing is i have all of the other file type plug-ins mentioned on previous pages installed and i am not currently experiencing any problems at all due to conflicting file types. MiguelPereira, just out of interest what additional file-type plug-ins do you have. Geoff
  21. Not Possible. The API forces me to return a document and I have no access to the old one. Maybe I should get it to load the right frame when the window closes? This would be the closest thing to a fix currently, unless you have any more ideas on how to get around it. Geoff
  22. Glitch Report: When you cancel the import (closing plug-in window) your plug-in will still load the first frame of the .avi file even if another frame is selected when cancelling. To try and get around this error you should consider incorporating a "Cancel" button in the plug-in interface that will actually stop the importer from loading the first frame. Geoff
  23. Just like to suggest that the default values for the image should be in the 4:3 image ratio instead of the 1:1 ratio (so image does not appear "squashed") you are currently using as most people will be importing videos created at this ratio. In this case keeping the vertical size the 4:3 ratio would be 80 across and 60 down. Geoff
  24. Thanks for pointing out that error of mine ill take it done now. Thanks for your support. Geoff
  25. Thank very much for that aile this is a very good start. I tried searching for something similar however with no luck, you just have to word it right. Geoff
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