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New & Improved 3D Text/Logo Tutorial!

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You can make the 3D-effect simpler and still better as well :).

1. Write your text.

2. Go to Layers | Rotate / Zoom. You can change the settings as you like. This step is optional.

3. Duplicate the layer you've written your text on.

4. You can change the color. Go to Adjustments | Brightness / Contrast and change the brightness. I would make it darker, so it looks more realistic. This step is optional.

5. Go to Effects | Blurs | Motion Blur. You can change the settings as you like.

6. Go to Adjustments | Transparency and make the layer you did the motion blur on completely opaque.

7. Move the upper layer, which you just made opaque, under the original layer.

8. You're basically done. Now you can do anything you like. With this method, you can make any shape look 3D.

Best regards, and so long, I'm still living, Livven.

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Thanks for the tutorial, Jake. I used it to make a banner that my band might use, if they like it. :)


Click for full size :)


This time I just used the $ & ¢ signs :)


Again, click it for a bigger version. :)


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better than you can imagine. These men are called musicians. :D

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