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  1. i'm getting the same "bug" how do i Disable the shell extension ? ill try and see if that works
  2. emm what is this meant to be?
  3. i like this idea great for yin-yang fire -water styled sig's
  4. i have noticed some peoples sigs when scroll over it u can click it and u get send to some other site how do i put a link into my sig???
  5. ty for the help guys ill try out ur ideas when i get a chance
  6. nice stuff but u should have more before u started this thred
  7. brilliant i love BLEACH! also where u get that great pic of oniue?
  8. hmm this is interesting i always been interested in indiana jones @sabbrown u think u can add some pictures please
  9. i like this idea would be interesting to see where it goes from here..hopefully into amv's
  10. well i think vista is funny but then again i also though ash was god.....
  11. hmm this seems interesting so i'll give it a shot edit:yes im big into japan and those are 2 training katana's
  12. most people would put anime and cartoon in the same area i dont so for cartoon.. family guy,simpsons,pokemon,teen titans.
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