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Popping out of a picture.

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download the PDF


Plugins used are: Outline Object & Feather by @BoltBait


This is my first attempt at a tutorial, so bear with me. I hadn't seen anyone do anything like this and saw it on a Photoshop tutorial and decided to see if I could do it in Paint.net.


Mod note 4/7/21:  I have re-done this tutorial by @spongey437 as his images disappeared.  I've used an image from Splash and have slightly altered one step. @Pixey


It will create an effect that will make it look like something is walking right out of a picture, like this:



First, find a picture where it will look natural for something to be coming out of the picture - in this case I am using this picture of an iguana:



Duplicate the layer so you have two layers of the picture.



Next create a new layer and create a shape similar to what I have here. This is going to be the frame of the picture, so the parts you want to be coming out of the picture should be out of this box. The shape gives the picture a somewhat 3d appearance.


Select the black box and then select the second picture layer. Invert the selection and hit delete so all that remains is the picture that is in the shape of the box.


Move this layer above the black box layer. On the duplicated smaller image use @BoltBait's Outline selection to create a white frame around the picture.


Once this is done you can then merge these two layers together so you should now have a layer that has the whole picture on it and one that has a framed out chunk of the picture.  You may now delete the black box layer.


Move the whole picture layer on top of the framed picture layer and then hit F4 and change the opacity to 150. This will allow you to see the framed picture underneath the whole picture to use as a guide.


Then use the lasso tool to select the parts that are out of the picture, making sure that you are going all the way to the picture so that none of the white line shows. You can hold down CTRL and select more than one area - on this I selected the head and the foot.


Once you have the sections selected, invert the selection and delete everything else in the top layer. Then go in and change the opacity of the layer back to 255.


On mine I then flattened out the image and changed the background to black so you could see the white border of the picture better. You can also use @BoltBait's Feather Object on the white frame layer, to smooth it out.


And again, here is the finished product.


Best of luck

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This is a very nice tutorial, but may I offer a suggestion? When you come to use the lasso tool to select the parts out of the 'frame', maybe using the tutorial of 'Cutting out images the easy way! Version 2' as this would be much easier and will reduce the risk of messing up the selection.

Still an excellent tutorial nonetheless.

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Excellent! Just like the "out of bounds" contest on Worth1000.

May I make two suggestions?

1. The shape you describe is a lot easier to make if you create a filled square on a new layer and then use Layers > Rotate/Zoom to move it to the desired angle. That way you can ensure that it will look angled correctly, and not crooked. (Yours looks fine, but I foresee problems with other people...)

2. Feather. A lot. Every layer. It makes things look a lot cleaner and more natural.

My attempt on this is coming soon...

Anyway, I LOVE the tut! Great work.


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Feather has to be the single most useful and versatile effect in the history of PDN.



It is though. <3

It makes life that much easier, and your art that much awesome... er.

And who would want to lasso select and gaussian blur the edges, every single time.

Also, a few suggestions for the creator of this tutorial.

First, if you want the black box to look more 3-dimensional and less jaggy, just draw a filled black rectangle, and use the layers > Rotate/zoom thing to twist the rectangle to make it look 3d.

Second, As mentioned before, feather, feather, feather.

And one last thing, when making the white border, just use a white dropshadow, with X=0 Y=0 and blur=1. Then just repeat until it's as thick as you like.

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ingodwetrustsu9.pngThis was my atempt at the tutorial. Please tell me what I need to change or fix. =) Thanks!

I think I would have pushed the cross farther to the left so that it came out of the picture on both the top and the left side and then put the text on the right.

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Sorry, I was trying this tutorial, but since I'm new, I think it's a bit confusing. I'm not really sure what you meant with moving the black layer over the other one. Please help.

If you open the layers window in Paint.net (usually located in the bottom right corner) you can see all the different layers you have created. There is a button there to move a layer up or down so that it essentially will lay on top of another layer (or move it down so it is under another layer).

Hope this helps.


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Spongey, that's pretty amazing. The spiderman/venom one is my favorite. Was that all one picture, or did you find 2 separate ones?

You can do it with two pictures but I find that it flows best if the two images come from one picture - the spiderman/venom one was from one picture (as were the other two).

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I'm a newbie so I'm sure this is a very easy thing to do but I'm struggling trying to create that white edge. It remains a blueish transparent color for me instead of turning white when I merge the two layers. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


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