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Popping out of a picture.

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hi liquidcore,

look what i've found in the rules:

"If the moderators want to reorganize or officiate things, then we will -- that's our job, not yours."

besides that - this thread's got a dynamic discussion and it's just 2 month old.

hi chrisleighk,

after you used the "move selection" tool to elongate the box, just use the paintbucket tool with white color. make sure, you're in the blackbox-layer. move the paintbucket tool in the frame and white it out. thats what i did...

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Excellent! Just like the "out of bounds" contest on Worth1000.

May I make two suggestions?

1. The shape you describe is a lot easier to make if you create a filled square on a new layer and then use Layers > Rotate/Zoom to move it to the desired angle. That way you can ensure that it will look angled correctly, and not crooked. (Yours looks fine, but I foresee problems with other people...)

2. Feather. A lot. Every layer. It makes things look a lot cleaner and more natural.

My attempt on this is coming soon...

Anyway, I LOVE the tut! Great work.

You were correct about problems with creating the shape David. Could you suggest the levels or amounts we should use in Rotate/Zoom? I am having a problem with this step and am stumped thus far. :?




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My go at it... Let me know what you think... And yes the smoke was kinda difficult


That's pretty amazing. :-)


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Amy: But how did it end up in there?
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Hi Folks, I have been trying this tutorial and really need some help. I am a complete novice at photo manipulation and a bit of an idiot. I can only get as far as step 2, I don't understand how to create the black box or how to proceed any further. You folks are probably having a good laugh but is there anybody who could give me an idiots guide on how to do this tutorial. I need detailed button by button guidance. Is there anybody out there who has the patience to help?

Hope you can help

Briddo the idiot :cry:

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