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  1. Yes! But it's actually the video for Rick-Rolling on the go... Lil' Wayne?
  2. 1680x1050... It's a 20" Widescreen... I don't like it much because none of my games support such an odd resolution... It works good for Paint.NET though!
  3. You could always just use the rectangle selection tool ( ) then ctrl+shift+x (crop to selection)
  4. T_Lh... I don't think you would like the living conditions... 1 bathroom and the only extra space is in the mildew-y basement. lol Helio- That's sweet! I'll show it to my parents and convince them that it's a conspiracy... the government has distorted our skies!
  5. Wow Helio, that's pretty... It eerily reminds me of a shot i took from my house. I cant find the exact picture but heres another pic of it:
  6. Well I stay logged on so i guess thats why. I'll try logging off then back on. EDIT: Yea that fixed it. I thought it would be a "smarter" function. I guess not :? .
  7. I have a bug: At the top left of the page it says my last visit was September 11th, 2007. I find that odd because im on here almost everyday, if not a few times a day. :?
  8. I agree- :shock:. It seems interesting but just too hard to believe... no offence
  9. Well, if you type from 1-5 o's into google it automatically links there :? EDIT: lol! i just started playing with typos for google.com and even foofle works :shock:
  10. lol I am just starting Graphic Arts 1 this year and cant wait to get started. I'm also definitely going to mention PDN to my teacher
  11. (that means fear of long words... didnt use wikipedia either ) no, no cherry pie for me. TPBM loves and
  12. at a site i frequent we have these:
  13. Really Yata? I'm turning 15 on the 16th.
  14. Try doing a search for drop shadow. :wink:
  15. I think it's because Paint.NET is your default editor for those filetypes. I get the same problem with some of mine.
  16. Ooooh, yea... On another forum I go to this spammer put a HUGE amount of emoticons in their post and almost crashed the host server.:shock: That pixelart is awesome i cant believe people have that much time on their hands
  17. well... you could just use the fill patterns to make diagonal lines
  18. Well if you want to do it for say gif just right click any gif>open with>choose program> select Paint.NET and tick the little thing next to "Always use the selected program to open this type of file." Do that and it will become your default program for that filetype.
  19. When you said "badest car" it made me think of the batmobile: original: new:
  20. In the topic Ash posted I suggested "Selective B&W" or something along those lines.
  21. "Selective B&W-ing" or just "Selective B&W" maybe?
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