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Popping out of a picture.

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Would someone please help me figure out how to pop out a picture as indicated in the tut. I cannot figure out how to create a shape that mimicks the one in step 2/3 and also how to invert the box and picture as indicated. This is all new to me and I really look forward to not being so novice. Thanks in advance.


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This tut is driving me crazy, getting better anyhow, the boody black box!

Advices are most welcome.... I like this tut!


Popping out or not popping out, that is the question...I am afraid to ask help, cause sometimes we new guys look like if we are talking alone cause nobody answer to our question... I wonder where I am doing wrong: in choosing the image? in the rotation step of the (bloody) black box or else? Hope I am not talking to the wind...please any good-hearted willing to help? Gasp! ... anyway an other (wrong) try


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The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind...,

who cares? I shall keep on trying :lol:


Did it all on my own, all on my own (la,la,la) ... . Crocodile rocks!






This was the toughest tut ever for me but I am glad I could manage a quite acceptable result and with no help :D


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This is a really awesome effect! I LOVE it. It took me like 2 hours to figure it all out though! ha ha.. just because im new to paint.net and didnt know where to find everything... but after it all here is my turn out.. Its my mother and her husband.. I turned it into a myspace icon for her page!:


She loved it! Thanks

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I am so confused I want to scream! But, I'm practicing away and have the first few steps down OK.

1. insert pic

2. duplicate

3. Add new layer, create box & fill in black, rotate box.

After this I get all messed up as I'm confused with the instructions: select black box and select 2nd picture to invert? How can you select both at the same time? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

BTW - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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you just go the layer that has the black box, use the magic wand and click on the black box, go to the layer with the 2nd picture and hit Ctrl+I then hit Delete.

Did that solve your problem nanettealsop?

"Do not live to anybody's standards, live to your own standards". :D

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great tutorial, here's my attempt.

EDIT: Next time, try a picture with less nudity. ~BoltBait

were you talking to Velese not BoltBait, and that doesn't look like nudity to me.

"Do not live to anybody's standards, live to your own standards". :D

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BoltBait replaced the image that was there with that message. Before he did that, there was an image with nudity there.


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Excellent tut and a very nice effect!

I used a drop shadow instead of the white border/frame thing. :mrgreen: (Couldn't figure out how to make the border look right).

I also (somewhat ineptly) clone stamped the top right corner because the Magic Wand tool wasn't working for me.


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