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  1. You could always just use the rectangle selection tool ( ) then ctrl+shift+x (crop to selection)
  2. T_Lh... I don't think you would like the living conditions... 1 bathroom and the only extra space is in the mildew-y basement. lol Helio- That's sweet! I'll show it to my parents and convince them that it's a conspiracy... the government has distorted our skies!
  3. Wow Helio, that's pretty... It eerily reminds me of a shot i took from my house. I cant find the exact picture but heres another pic of it:
  4. Well I stay logged on so i guess thats why. I'll try logging off then back on. EDIT: Yea that fixed it. I thought it would be a "smarter" function. I guess not :? .
  5. I have a bug: At the top left of the page it says my last visit was September 11th, 2007. I find that odd because im on here almost everyday, if not a few times a day. :?
  6. I agree- :shock:. It seems interesting but just too hard to believe... no offence
  7. Well, if you type from 1-5 o's into google it automatically links there :? EDIT: lol! i just started playing with typos for google.com and even foofle works :shock:
  8. lol I am just starting Graphic Arts 1 this year and cant wait to get started. I'm also definitely going to mention PDN to my teacher
  9. (that means fear of long words... didnt use wikipedia either ) no, no cherry pie for me. TPBM loves and
  10. at a site i frequent we have these:
  11. Really Yata? I'm turning 15 on the 16th.
  12. Try doing a search for drop shadow. :wink:
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