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  1. Hi spongey437 I am new to paint.net and saw your pop out pic which I think is brill, can I ask do i get the black box the pic i want to use is my daughter climbing up out of the box as she is on top of a climbing frame not stepping forward any help would be appreciated

  2. I will post a tut for it in the next day or so.
  3. For a different type of effect using a similar technique you could also make a polaroid collage out of just one picture like this: Same basic technique, different end effect. sorry about the quality of the picture but I shrunk it down from a larger version so it looks a bit jagged on the edges of the photos, but you get the idea.
  4. My bad. I didnt have that one and I really had thought I had downloaded all the plugins.
  5. Still playing around with the Codelab and thought I would try to create a rainbow effect. Here is what I came up with. Run on just a blank page it will create something like this: But my use for it was to do something like this. Right now it just creates the rainbow as you see it here with the colors stretching vertically down the page. It works for selections as well, but only rectangular ones. It still creates something with weird shaped selections, but it is all screwed up and I cant seem to wrap my hands around how to program around it. Also, if I had more programming experience
  6. I was looking for a way to make vertical or horizontal lines across a whole image (or a selected region) and who knows, maybe this is already out there somewhere but I also wanted to play around with the CodeLab so i thought I would write it up myself. So here is what it will create - Pretty simple, and even with my limited knowledge of programming I was able to use CodeLab to come up with it. The effect has two slider bars. The first sets the width between the lines (defaults to 10, and I maxed it out at 100, minimum is one but that actually just paints the whole page one color). It u
  7. Well, in reply to jsonchiu's request to post something that can be done with it (Great plugin BTW - I had posted a tutorial on how to do this manually earlier) here is a cool looking frame I came up with using just the bevel effect here. Request - any way that you can get it to support odd shapes? Right now it only creates square box bevels. So if you select a round shape, it doesnt work quite right on it. Anyway, here's the pic
  8. Other things you could try to get rid of some of the roughness are the median blur, or try the oil painting effect. I usually use that to smooth things out a bit.
  9. First you have to save it online somewhere, then just use the location for that site and image.
  10. Try this tutorial for doing that. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=4196
  11. When you save it as a .JPG image, in PDN in gives you the option to select how much you want to change the quality. It usually defaults to 100%, but if you change it to 50% you might still keep a decent image but it will decrease the file size. Also, try a saving it as a few different file types - GIF files are typically the smallest I think. PNG files are typically much larger.
  12. Awesome tutorial - very detailed and easy to follow. Here is mine
  13. You can do it with two pictures but I find that it flows best if the two images come from one picture - the spiderman/venom one was from one picture (as were the other two).
  14. Using the "Let's make a software box" tutorial, I came up with this:
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