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  1. Notaulophobic, the planet's reflection looks like a marshmallow! Everybody else (including Notaulophobic), beautiful work. I'd better get working...
  2. Very nice Quasi... I will definitely try this.
  3. Cute...my favorite was Bertbert. Classic! This should be fun...
  4. So for the newbies around here, can we have some background on this Jerbert character? All I know about him is that he sports a rather inane grin and has an abiding love for ice cream sandwiches. Thanks!
  5. Things I think my older kids could do in Paint.NET (they're 6 and 8 ) : 1. Use paintbrush and color palette, and draw a picture. Then run cool effects on the picture, like dents, frosted glass, bulge, etc. 2. Using 2 fun colors, use the clouds effect. Make a new layer, and draw something fun. 3. Open a preexisting picture and run the Shape 3D plugin to make shapes. 4. Follow the "Scratch Its" tutorial http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=5254. Good luck!
  6. First Name: Angela Location: Iowa Age: 32 (am I one of the oldest people here??) Occupation: SAHM (former technical writer) Hobbies: music, reading, gardening, Paint.NET, World of Warcraft Favorite tech item: my widescreen monitor Favorite and most despised software: World of Warcraft for both...I love it but can't put it down Favorite and most despised games: I really like card games and Pictionary Favorite and most despised movies: Favorite: Star Treks, Ever After (other chick flicks); Most Despised: anything with vampires Favorite and most despised television series: Favorite:
  7. Note to self... if Myrddin starts getting chummy, time for change of address.
  8. Something is very screwy with your avatar spot...taking up half my screen. Regarding your sig, I like the background, and the half face is cool. But if the hand and the face belong to each other, than the skin color is off, and the hand seems too far from the face. Still, nice, esp. for a Trekkie like me. 8/10
  9. Good job...put a little radial blur on that, and some dents, maybe a clouds layer, and you've got yourself a crackerjack tutorial!
  10. There's a door, it just has to remain shut until you use your one chance to go in and look. And no, you can't see light from under the door.
  11. Another one that's not technially a riddle. How can you draw this image in one continuous line (with a pencil/pen, not Paint.NET ) without crossing any lines or doubling back over any previously-drawn lines?
  12. Okay. There is a room with no windows. Inside this room are 3 lightbulbs. Outside the room, 3 switches that activate these lightbulbs. You can do whatever you want with the switches, but how can you tell which switch activates which lightbulb by going in and checking the room only once? (No leaving the door open or any tricks.)
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