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How to start a fire with Paint.NET

Tom Jackson

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As you can see my sig uses this insane firey awesome-ness! :twisted:

PaintBoy, love the dora on fire! (i acually lit a dora doll on fire once, not joking,we cut a hole in its stomach, and lit the inside of her, then her head exploded) lol

HAH! Dora's head exploded! HAHA :twisted:

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I tried it again, and I like this one better. All it needs are some blacked out sprites and a font that symbolizes destruction, and it'd make a great panel for a comic.


avatar was made by Saevio from FlameZero board

If I ruled the world, rap music would be against the law every where. Especially in America.

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Its good to see a big comunity helping eachother i am new to this forum and i have been messing around with pdn for a few weeks now. I am a PS CS2 man myself but i have been interested in PDN and i am impressed with some of the things you all pull off. I have recently set up a new site for tutorials which includes paint.net and if you are interested people i would love to put your tutorials on there and get them even more popular than they are. Just send me a pm and we will talk. Its great to see this place i may even create some tutorials myself for you all.

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I for some reason can't get the flicker, its way to soft when I try, the blend modes are right. Is there something I forgot? This makes me sad. My fire looks really fake. I don't get it- I did the exact same thing, I repeated the cloud effect around 12 times. Can some one upload their paint.net file?

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