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  1. i have only used windows but im installing the new linux sometime this week but out of windows it has to be xp altthough im on vista now
  2. im not keen on that myself but it is good i would say 8/10
  3. i use firefox mostly but coz all my work envolves the internet i tend to use opera and IE7 aswell
  4. i dunno if i have posted this in the correct place but i will say it. I think it would be a good idea to allow right click on layers so it brings up a menu e.g. add new layer, delete layer, duplicate layer etc... i remember when i first used pdn and when i went to do this i got very confused because i am so used to PS and right click was wat i always used.
  5. I do appoligize it is in the control panel go Control panel>Aperance and Personalize>Fonts and then it uses the same process as Xp
  6. Just out of interest has anone ever had a go with the realbasic language? and has anyone every tried making a plugin for pdn with realbasic?
  7. The fonts folder is there if you right click on the desktop and got to personalize if i remember right it is in the list i do not belive that it is in control panel you have to do it via the desktop
  8. Its good to see a big comunity helping eachother i am new to this forum and i have been messing around with pdn for a few weeks now. I am a PS CS2 man myself but i have been interested in PDN and i am impressed with some of the things you all pull off. I have recently set up a new site for tutorials which includes paint.net and if you are interested people i would love to put your tutorials on there and get them even more popular than they are. Just send me a pm and we will talk. Its great to see this place i may even create some tutorials myself for you all.
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