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  1. Please read the rules. This kind of thing makes me so mad because people don't do what mods say. And, by the way, David was not being a jerk. He's just telling you that asking questions in Tutorials section is against the rules.
  2. thanks loads =) this is deffinately the best support forum
  3. I personally think Paint.NET is very popular. With over 60,000 registered users here on the forums, it seems popular. I personally found out about it when I ran a Web search on "free photo editing software" and it was the first or second result! I have a Photobucket album designed for all the pics I make. Personally, nothing has dampened my spirits about Paint.NET! Thank you Rick Brewster!!!!!!!
  4. Post your absolute favorite about Paint.NET here! Please include pics!!!! And sorry if this is against the rules!
  5. It isn't showing up in my Effects menu. Can somebody help me?
  6. sweet tut :!: really easy to follow :!: thanks for sharing. here's my finished product:
  7. oh my gosh, thanks so much! I was totally lost without this lol I'm a newbie
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