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How to start a fire with Paint.NET

Tom Jackson

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Hello all,

My frist post on these forums just wanted to say thanks to Tom and all of you for these tutorial and help on these forums.

I am completely new to photo making and all this stuff. Despite that handicap by following your tutorial I was able to make this!


Now on to my first signature which is why installed Paint.net in the fist place. All these effects and tutorials keep getting me sidetracked :D

but thats a good thing

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I am trying to make that fire, but when I use the clouds effect, the flames are all over the image! :?: (so they don't start at the bottom and end at the top). What do I do wrong? Maybe it's just because I am pretty new to Paint.NET.

But I díd follow all the steps....

When I was 10, I knew over a hundred planes!

Edited by Rick: Your sig was too big, so I have removed it. Please read the rules, http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=3446

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