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  1. Nice text. I will try when later tonight.
  2. I am wondering if, I can put the pdn, as a affiliate, on my site?
  3. Play around, with different brushes, etc. Justy play around til you find a look you like.
  4. Good job, keep up the work.
  5. I had about, 30 finished pices tht I have done over the year, ive been using pdn. But unfourtantley, my pc gotta virus, and I lost all my files. So now im doing more and, more. But Im Working on some right now, so I will Update tonite.
  6. I dig this.. Its pretty straight. Keep up the work.
  7. Well, it don't matter, you are doing great, for only been using PDN, for a month. Ive been using for over a year and still learning. Keep up the work bud.
  8. Here is some of my recent work. Please people leave replies, so I know how I did, as this is the first time I have released my work to the public.
  9. I recommend a diet low in saturated fats and carbohydrates plus a daily exercise program that includes sit-ups, stomach crunches, and leg lifts. Lol nice one BoltBait...
  10. Theese, are very nice IceyBlau's... 1 question, why is ur sig brolly ss10... It looks like cop and paste... Anyways keep p the good work.
  11. Good tut.. I played around with it a little so mine didnt turn out as well.
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