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  1. i tryed doing that but somhow it just dosent look like the one created with photoshop the coloring is off
  2. Heres the link to the photoshop onehttp://www.wbcampaigns.net/downloads/tu ... /index.php
  3. Is there anyway to put a picture onto a picture of and etch a sketch and make it look like you made it on the etch a sketch ive seen it done with photoshop but i wasnt sure if it could be done with paint.net any info is welcome Sincerely. The Rapsqutach
  4. Is There a way to make it look like some one is holding the fire??
  5. i already downloaded the plugin i dont understand how to use it right when i try and use it , it either comes out blurrry or pixelated
  6. Im new to paint.net and do not understand how to use any tools so i was wondering if someone could help teach me how the gradient tool works. RapSquatch
  7. I'm in need of a tutorial for the water effects. I cant understand how to use it. Any info will help thanks. RapSquatch.
  8. I'm new to all this is there an explanation that i may understand i don't understand what re sampling and all that is or how to do it?
  9. I tried using the water effects but it always comes out pixelated not rippled like it should be if anyone has a totourial or other help with this reply or message me.
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