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  1. Thank you We need Party emoticons confetti :AddNoise: balloon :LassoTool: No cake, but everyone can have a
  2. You can't edit posts after someone else has posted I see, not complaining, It will take some getting used to though.
  3. New Thread: Beat the spam bots! (kidding CMD, would not want to make your life any more miserable) Edit Yay! a page thats mostly real people!
  4. 'fraid so, Not much CMD can do, we'll have to wait for Rick.
  5. I just realized that Spam Monster posts total over 1% of the forum, maybe 2% *sigh*
  6. Post it on the fan forums, I'll try anything. http://pdnfans.freeforums.org/
  7. Only admins can ban. That means this will be going on untill Rick gets here.
  8. I suggest the "Fan Forum". We make backups of our accounts *goes to fan forums and makes backup....* We also have a feature that makes it so you have to wait 15 seconds between posts, it has stopped me from double posting on several occasions, I'm wishing we had it here. :? @ MRavioli I wouldn't Wish this on ANY forum. __________________ Death to Spam-Bots!!! :evil: [/blowing of steam]
  9. What a Mess!! Probably at work. The spam bots are posting about 2 to 3 times a second, CMD is probably having a hard time keeping up. We Need Rick Brewster!!!
  10. Post 451!! W00t!! Sorry this seemed like the best place for it... It IS off topic... Edit: Page 256 of the off topic thread!!
  11. Shazam! you get your wish, but it turns out PDN files take forever to display when downloaded to a browser, and they crash Firefox! :oops: heh...whoops...wrong thread...sorry... My Rant...Email Spam!...need I say more?
  12. @ madhatterl7 Where did you get the walking men? And just to be on topic... I have a cold, and my schedule is very busy. :evil:
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