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  1. Looks Great! I see you are well on your way to mastering PDN, keep doing tutorials! And Welcome to the Forums! Glad my tut made you decide to join, and I hope you stick around. One note, I'm not sure if you are supposed to upload images here, this rule was instituted while I was away, so I don't know if it applies to all forums. Here is a tutorial on how to upload them to an image hosting site: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6270
  2. Wow, is this still here? :shock: Amazing work everyone! Thanks to everyone who posted images! I've updated it with links to Ed Harvey's newest plugin versions.
  3. Wow! I'm glad to see people are using and enjoying my tutorial! Everything so far looks absolutely amazing! (sorry I haven't been checking in as frequently as I should, I've been rather busy with school.) @ Volt Thank you! @ KnutOlafsson Very Nice! Keep it up! @ novabroodje Most Interesting! Glad to see you're trying new things! @madhatterl7 The rings are a nice touch, Good work! @unreconstructed1 Welcome to the forum! I like the space background a lot, I hope you decide to keep using the program! @ Redman DK Thank you! Nice Work BTW! @ MrRezister Happy to share! Nice Work! @ tskimarcus13 Doing tutorials is the best way to learn, I like the blue, Nice touch!
  4. ...You wish happy birthday to someone you've never even met. Happy birthday BoltBait!!
  5. @ vostok7 Very Nice! keep up the good work! @ SSPhoto Glad you like it, I was hoping when I made this that it would inspire people to do more with PDN.
  6. It looks like you forgot step 15) Curves: Luminosity. How to fix it: If you still have the Paint.NET image with all the separate layers, you can go back and do that step on the white layer. If you do not have the Paint.NET image, I'm afraid the easiest way to fix it would be to redo the tutorial. It looks like you have most of it right, just keep at it!
  7. hmm... could you please post a pic? It would help us to figure out the problem.
  8. [65] The Legend of Zelda series [45] The Worms series [45] The Elder Scrolls series [35] The Command and Conquer series [40] The Metroid series [70] The Super Mario series Go Mario!! I've never played any title in The Elder Scrolls series so down they go...
  9. @ KHKairi Very Nice Work! :shock: @ HellSpawn 142 Playing around is how you learn, and it still looks pretty cool. @ everyone else I see lots of cool stuff, its nice to see people are learning from my tutorial!
  10. 1024x768: I cropped the one in my previous post a bit because it had a lot of black space around the edge, is there some way to load more image sizes in dA to download? Like if you want to show a cropped version, but have a full sized version available to download?
  11. Power Source: Apophysis and Paint.NET Click to go to the image on dA
  12. That has happened to me, now I paste my history into new layer.
  13. *I'm a quiet gene, you hear a slight hiss...* You now have the intelligence to write comedy! Unfortunately you write comedy you have to have a PhD. in physics to understand. Stephen Hawking finds you hilarious, but all your friends shun you. I wish I lived 200 years and had 28 hours in each day, while every one else only had 24.
  14. I've had limited time on the forums since school started, so I didn't know Ash was taking a trip :oops: I will have to dig up the thread... To Ash: I'll miss you and I will be praying for a safe an fun trip, hope you come back with lots of ideas!
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