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  1. I forgot to upload this 2 days ago (my second day owning paint.net!) but here is my try
  2. Here is mine. Instead of using cloud I just kept repeating noise tell I liked it. I still think it needs more work- but for now it is good. Besides, I have only had paint.net for two days.
  3. I for some reason can't get the flicker, its way to soft when I try, the blend modes are right. Is there something I forgot? This makes me sad. My fire looks really fake. I don't get it- I did the exact same thing, I repeated the cloud effect around 12 times. Can some one upload their paint.net file?
  4. I dont get it. I think you need to spend more time on writing this tutorial. A lot of it was'nt very clear at all. I just download Paint.net yesterday night but im very familiar with GIMP- so learning the basics of this program was'nt to hard. What really was'nt clear was when you were talking about changing the levels you said something like: "set this to white". What was I suppost to set to white? Anyway- I kept trying but it never worked. So I just did what I thought I could do to atleast have some appreciation for my art and I came up with this: I make games and so B Games is just the
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