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  1. [60] John Watson, Sherlock Holmes' sidekick (Elementary!) [55] Luigi, Mario's jumping buddy [75] Obélix, Astérix's Roman-hating compatriot [50] Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's magical friend [50] Sam Gamgee, Frodo Baggins' gardener [60] Woodstock, Snoopy's birdbrained friend
  2. meh, its not really a Les Paul, but it is cool.
  3. umm, original sig, but idk about the creativity involved in the creation of said original sig. I think it is 100 pdn I am guessing. I say 7.5-8/10 mine may not be the best but w/e
  4. Gibson Les Paul Studio- Sam Ash Custom Gold Grover Tune knobs some other stuff is custom but I cannot remember. This set me back about 1k, but i love it. btw: GIBSON FTW!
  5. http://s460.photobucket.com/albums/qq32 ... ktop-1.jpg
  6. Text is unreadable but the pinapple thing on the right looks alright. Overall 7/10 Yes instrument is spelled wrong in my sig
  7. Heres mine, I didn't make the picture, but its so awesome. (hidden for large picture size) Hidden Content:
  8. same here, our "tech" workers are typically really dumb. Once in school, there was something wrong with the computer (I would tell you what was wrong but this was a while back in middle school and I can't remember) basically the video software wouldn't work. The tech guy is trying to fix it for like, half an hour and then I just go and do like, three things and it worked. Also, I saw the tech guy put a CD in upside-down once, wtf?
  9. Um, i am not the biggest fan of Metroid sigs but yours is nicely executed. I give it a 8.5/10, it blends well and the backgound is cool, has color but not so much that it is annoying and the render and background match and so yeah. Mine is just a new ARMY ACU background one i made. (ACU is the background camo)
  10. yeah my school has crappy blocking systems. they don't block the command prompt so once I created an admin account for fun. I didn't mess with it though because you can get in huge trouble for that stuff.
  11. In short, a proxy is something you use to bypass internet security on a computer. In a way, you're loading a website from another person's computer (often in a different country), and the page gets sent to the computer you're sitting at. One time, I got on a proxy, typed google.com, and it gave me Google Netherlands :shock: Actually, there is another way without Tor (especially if you want to get on any school computer with a filter in less than 5 minutes). Try Gpass. Their official website is blocked by most filters (for obvious reasons), but if you do a quick Google search, you'll be able
  12. ha whatever you guys are talking about (I do know what a proxy is though). Thanks to those who watched me. Ill try to get some stuff up but i am limited on time. I have tons to do and not enought ime to do it with frickin school.
  13. Ok guys my Deviant Art name is: DutchManDann umm, friend me i guess, I am just getting used to it so any suggestions or tips on how it works would be great! thanks SS
  14. Ok I tried David I guess Ill post an update when he replies. And thanks for the help Simon.
  15. The beauty one really isn't my style at all. I guess it is a quality sig (no :AntiAliasingOff: ) but I don't like the flowers and pinkness of it. 6/10 the current one I really like. Cool color scheme, the texture is awesome, I feel like I can touch the texture and feel it. 9/10 Oh and for mine: I was going to try to blend the guns into the background more but I am terrible at blending. oh well.
  16. Um, I wanna say BoltBait? yeah I think thats who. and idk if its been read edit: I just checked it was actually Rick Brewster...
  17. No I haven't gotten a reply at all so I guess that could be a yes.
  18. @Minoeman 1st: good, the render blends ok with the background, and it looks cool overall. imo it could use text but doesn't need it. My only problem with it is it seems almost too simple but idk. 7/10 2ndI actually really like your current sig. I don't like abra in particular but imo the background is great and it just goes well and it is pleasing to the eye 9/10 EDIT: @above, the guitar is awesome, it is really cool imo. Maybe a bit dark though 8.5/10
  19. Yeah, i think Im gonna create a new profile. If I do I'll put it as my sig and ava.
  20. umm, 8.5/10. I like the render, it blends well, the border is good. I don't like the text which blends into the background, and there isn't any color which I don't like very much. Overall good but it could use some adjusting.
  21. i don't really like it, the render is :AntiAliasingOff: to an extent, and it just doesn't appeal to me at all. Not enough color, and the text is not there. 6/10 (not trying to be harsh) Also, imo it is kindof rude to tell people what they should have in they're sig, and then rate them poorly for not having it. I am not trying to be rude but I think just because you have x and y in your sig doesn't mean that is what everyone else should have.
  22. Im soo sorry. anyways, I told him, "Yo, give me my money. I am teh 1337357 and I need that caish to buy myself a new pair of teh Air Jordans"
  23. the new one...i don't like it. I think that the text in the background is way out of place, and that destroys the picture to me. 7/10. I can only imagine that it would be great without that text.
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