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  1. You see, I WOULD check the members list, but i'm just to lazy. It would take FOREVER!
  2. Thank you! I finally figured out what I did. This will help so much!
  3. Sorry for doing this, but i just had to. Did anyone else notice my post matched my name? rofl
  4. Bam! You have, it err them, whatever. THEN YOU DIE!!! I wish that I could hold my pencil right so that every time I move my hand it doesn't smudge the ink or sketch on the page, creating a very dirty paper, and a very dirty hand. In which I don't usually notice until I put my left hand (writing hand) on my face which then causes whatever that was on my hand to go on my face, THEREFORE humiliating myself until someone tells me there's something on my - or all over my face. PHEW! That's a big definition for such a small wish!
  5. Tables Before you can post You must learn to be able To eat from tables (haha, its haiku AND it rhymes, beat that!)
  6. .... When you wait to 3am when you can hear your parents snoring, pull James Bond moves from previously memorizing all the creaky floor boards and obsticles in your path during the day to get down to your computer and go on pdn. ... When the teacher asks you to explain your artwork to the class on like the 2nd day of highschool and you start out with. "well... Um... The format of this image is better visualized as..." Then the teacher says, "you're in art class taylor, not computers." ..... When you accidently skip the last period of your 1st day of highschool because you want to go on Pdn. .... When you're sitting in class and you get irritated from trying to highlight words in notes before you realise you're using a regular pen, not a pen tablet.
  7. I just find it funny. There's always like no canadians on ANY forums like this, and when there are, they're always from british columbia
  8. I havent seen ANYONE or have noticed yet, that anyone except me is canadian. So just wondering, IS THERE?
  9. I'm 13 turning 14 in Nov. Wow, I never knew so many people on here were the same age as me. AND FWI I didn't have a dvd player until I was 11 and I did know who mc hammer since I was like .... Very little.
  10. False. I hate mountain dew, basically any pop actually. And from first to last is a band, lmao. TPBM hates Pepsi AND Coke
  11. I'm not an expert at all on this stuff, but I have few files that could be really cool plug ins for paint.NET, I don't know how to make them, so I was offering up the files to anyone who wanted them.
  12. Here's an example of what I mean. (Sorry, the program I used to save it wouldn't let me save the other window with it. So there's the layer box with 2 different images checked off but the 1st won't appear!)
  13. If your saying do you like heavy metal and classical? True. I love it!!! TPBM likes From First To Last
  14. I have some sweet back grounds and stamps and textures, but I can't and don't want to do the source code to it or whatever. You can tell I don't know what I'm talking about, lol. Well anyways, I have a the folders and stuff, so if anyone wants to make a couple new plugins I could send the files to you.
  15. I did that, and its still being stubborn! (i feel like i'm talking about a person.)
  16. :shock: Freshman! I'm a Junior. Cool! I love your banner by the way, I just updated mine to the new one I made with my new pen tablet last night.It's still pretty bad though. If one of you guys don't have one, get one. They make life WAY easier.
  17. Sorry I kind of restarted but this happens to me everytime. should I try doing the background layer 1st? I tried changing the transparency, and you could see the picture beneath it. Its just the effect went over the picture. Its weird.
  18. I was horrible, i've improved, but i'm still bad. I've only been on for a month and a half though... PLUS this is the first time i've EVER used a graphic design program. As you can see my siggy a result of my badness. That was made like the second day i started. but what can i say? I just started highschool, i've still got TONS of time.
  19. I feel like an idiot. I can't figure out what the heck is going on with one of my layers. It blocking out the other layers COMPLETELY! Can someone help moi out? I want to post the thing on my deviantart tonight!
  20. ... False? TPBM Finds that macramedia software is horribly hard to use and Paint.NET is wayyyyy better.
  21. I toss underhand 'n egotistical softball SORRY
  22. well, since David up there didn't put a word after his last post, we have to start over HUGE
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