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  1. sorry i did not see that is the tutorials i have looked at most of them must have missed it
  2. ok i am new to paint and wanted to know where to get some fonts and how to use them in paint!!???!!! :!: :?: 8)
  3. thanks i am going to go to another forum this one sounds good but dose not offer all that it says it dose
  4. thanks for the feed back that is my 1st pic i just started wiht paint.net
  5. i liked theplug that is my vote it was nice on the eyes but had color at the same time and is a nice set up
  6. ok so i can on to a fourm the onther day they had photobattles well it was for PS only so i made a forum for all programes check it out here it is new still so just keep checking it out hope you have fun edit=i changed the link to the new forum hope it looks better for you guys
  7. ok this is what i made with this tut what do you think
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