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IronSkye's Shapes


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Paint.net.  My perfect brain food.    With so many great plug-ins to play with, I still learn new things every time I use it.    ShapeMaker is one of my favorites so I thought I would share some of my creations.  These shapes work best using 'Draw Shape Outline" as some of them do not fill correctly.   I read the entire user guide twice, visited the Microsoft links, reviewed all I found in the forums, tried rearranging the path lists and was still unable to find a solution.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

IronSkye's Flowers.zip

IronSkye's Leaves.zip

IronSkye's Stars n Stuff.zip

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Lovely shapes @IronSkye   A preview image of each pack would be helpful.  ;)


You asked for help, so here it is.  I only previewed a handful of shapes; none work in 'Draw Filled Shape' or 'Draw Filled Shape with Outline'

It can be done. I took the liberty of re-working your 'tribal flame' shape. I only used (1) one path and my file size is much smaller than yours.

Your size is 3.16 KB's and mine is only 839 bytes.




I used these settings in ShapeMaker:





I had trouble with this when I first started using ShapeMaker.  I finally figured it out.  On more complex shapes, it matters in what order you draw the lines and you need to 'clone' certain lines so they will work in Fill Mode.  I use 'Cubic Bezier' for most of my shapes now, and close the shape with 'Close Contiguous Path' button (last one).

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me.  :)


EDIT:  On a complex shape, say a flower that overlaps a heart, you may be tempted to draw the flower first, then add the heart. That won't work.

You need to draw the whole outline of the shape first, then add the inner lines, via single or cloned lines to achieve the correct result.



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^ great answer!


Yup, the order that your lines are added is critical to the fill working correctly. I talk about this in the quick start guide. The outer edge of the mug is created first. Non-overlapping interior lines come later.


The trick is planning your complex shapes in advance. You can always practice drawing the shape with a pencil. Use one continuous line for the outer edge. That's the order Shapemaker needs to store the lines.

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@IronSkye    I put together a quick mini tutorial for the ShapeMaker plugin.


You can find it here:



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