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Sierpinski triangle remastered (ymd:170629)

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Sierpinski triangle remastered





What's this?
If you look for Sierpinski triangle over the forum you'll find a sample for the Codelab. I tried it (in 2008 or so) and found it too light and poor. So I wanted to give a try to this sample but the project fell asleep...
Recently I found another approch to the formula on this site so...



:Warning: This is a texture plugin. It replaces the selection (or fill the active layer if no selection).
Tip: Give better results with square images 512x512 1024x1024 2048x2048 4096x4096 etc.


Download it!
Plugin Sierpinski.dll
ar.pngHere is the DLLal.png


It will be added in the next package release...
MadJik all plugins pack


How to install

Close Paint.net


Classic version of Paint.net

Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects


Microsoft Store version of Paint.net

Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: /My Documents/paint.net App Files/Effects/

You have to adapt for your language My Documents


The User interface
This plugin is added to the menu Effects, submenu Texture.




Zoom: Zoom in (>10 bigger "pixels") Zoom out (<10 less pixels)


Origine: you could move the center.


Reflect: show the inverted image (Y values).


Use Color: If checked calculs the colors of a pixel based on the number of neighbors "On".


Level: this affect the number of color to use and the number of neighbors to test. Bigger the value is slower the rendering is (say "hello" to more neighbors could take time!).


Color adjustment: change the color spectre.


Some examples:


size 512x512


size 512x512


size 800x600


initial size 4000x2250 reduced to 800x450, some more work on this one (SeamlessTextureMaker, blended multilayers, etc.)


And a new sig:



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@MadJik....you are a very busy bee!  Love this!  <3   Thank you!   :)




Love your new sig!   Rep you tomorrow!

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re-hosted image
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@Seerose....after making my Sierpinski triangle and coloring it to my liking, I used Kaleidoscope plugin, then Polar Inversion.  I made a few tweaks along the way!  :D

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@Eli....wonderful!  <3   Looks like a flying saucer....commence invasion!  :D

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