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  1. Get the Digitally Painted Look

    Dear @Ego Eram Reputo! Thank you for the PDF file.
  2. BlastWave's Gallery - Rough Landing

    @BlastWave! Keep it up. They are very beautiful. Thank you very much.
  3. Dear @barbieq25! Thanks very much for the kind words. @Woodsy! Thank you so much for the rep. point.
  4. Dear @lynxster4! One beautiful than the other. And I love all colors. Thank you so much for the sharing.
  5. AndrewDavid˝s Creations .... Aston Martin

    @AndrewDavid! I see a star in the middle. Colors are quite beautiful. Thank you so much.
  6. SOTW#170 - Winners - Birds

    @Pixey! @Woodsy! @MadJik! @barbieq25! @Maximilian! @MJW! Congratulations to all winners. For the hosting thank you very much @Pixey!
  7. Radial Colors (ymd:100726)

    @MadJik! Thank you for your effort for the new version. Like an optical illusion.
  8. Donut distortion Effect Plugin

    @MadJik! Thank you so much for the new version plugin. Is so in order? Original
  9. @Red ochre! Thank you so much for your great plugin. (I'll be back tomorrow to give you a reputation.)
  10. Forum Layout/Color

    @Maximilian! One for all, all for one.
  11. Optical Illusion Thread

    *Circle from side *Wave circles
  12. Optical Illusion Thread

    *Freezing Rotation Animation (Animated gif below may take a while to load, so please be patient until it full loads.) If you observe the rotation of the central text label below, do you see it turning smoothly all the time? Does it seem to “freeze” from time to time? If you manage to cover or isolate the surround (swaying dots), you can easily see that the text is really turning continuously! One possible explanation of this phenomena states that “assuming a stable surround, our visual system probably uses the surround as a reference to measure motion of the included objects”.
  13. Forum Layout/Color

    @Maximilian! My opinion. How are all.