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  1. @MadJik Love those fractals. Is it a new effect you are working on? By the way thanks for all the other effects you wrote.
  2. When you resized your image did you resized it using the Selection tool? If you used the Selection tool to shrink your image and then decided to make it larger then your image gets pixelated. If you want to resize your images try using the Image>Resize options from the menu.
  3. I love EER's method and the result is spectacular but I could not reproduce it on irregular shapes. This is the best I could do using the method I used before :
  4. Maybe using Gaussian Blur (clamped) and adding some noise Grain.
  5. I used Drop Shadow and Blur effect to create the inside shade in the first ball and then used Bevel object :
  6. That would be nice. Actually I did use tiling and the rounded rectangle tool tool shape to create the above picture. Another feature that I like of this effect is that the cells can be created inside an irregular selection. I will be patient and wait.
  7. You did a good job. I changed the background and incresased contrast and saturation to make the grid less visible.
  8. I think they are used to clean the way from buried mines.
  9. Have a nice pixelday. Thanks for all the fun.
  10. Would it be possible to add a couple of features to this effect? 1. an adjustable line thicknes 2. adjustable rounded corners To make somethink like this :
  11. Do not confuse Polar Inversion with Polar Transformation.
  12. Circularthinking is not using Polar Transformation.
  13. The background of your picture will not be easy to remove because of the cage's blurred screen/bars/grid that is infront of the lions.
  14. I love the windows reflections. Amazing detail and patience.