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  1. Red Ochre's Flourish efffect can draw pointy lines.
  2. Tr's Distort this! effect can do what you are asking for.
  3. Gaussian Blur helps softening lines. Bevel gives objects a 3D look but it does not look good on all objects. You may want to try to "paint" shadows and highlight areas. It is a lot of work and you will need plenty of patience. Have you tried using @AnthonyScoffler's Brush Factory? It can be a substitute to "bevel" but as I said you will need to actually paint your shadows and highlights but the endresult will be more natural.
  4. I agree, there has been an improvement in your work and you are consistent with your style of doing things. I would just suggest to not overuse the "bevel' effect.
  5. Great art work for your books. A nice way to start a gallery.
  6. Could AnthonyScoffler's Pixel Set Replacer be what you need?
  7. I agree with ingwer, it is a great tool. Sometimes we just need to think outside the box.
  8. @PaintNetRus If you disable antialiasing when creating the gradient you should not have the problem when using the Magic Wand at 0 % Tolerance.
  9. There is an effect that may help you : TR's Edge Fader Extreme Fader
  10. For the rectangle shapes you need you can use Red's Table effect. Just set the number of cells to 1. If you want to draw other shapes there is also Shapes Render Effect. if you want to draw pie slices you can try toe_head2001's Sprinkler You can also make your own shapes with the ShapeMaker Effect.
  11. Thanks toe_head! Now I can make photo corner stickers. If it is not too much trouble I would like to see it have a spread of 360 degrees. It could be useful when making PAC MAN.
  12. Ketenks, I used Additive blending and Gaussian Blur. I also merged all three layers on a black background then I just changed the blending mode to Overlay. Then I added a DESATURATED brick wall underneath. I do not know much about color or light theory so I can not answer to your questions. MJW, I used the colors that Ketenks used in his examples above.
  13. That is what I wanted to say a "pie slice". Thanks toe_head2001 for taking on Rumplestiltskin request. I am sure that there will be other users other than drawing sprinklers.