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Welcome to my Animation Gallery


Decided to start again now that I'm getting to understand a little more how the forum works.

I've always been interested in animation so decided to follow that route here using PDN.

In the past I used Paint Shop Pro but after it was sold to Corel it out priced itself, let's hope PDN doesn't go the same way.


My first animation is a very simple walking stick figure using only 3 images.



The three images that create the animation


Dq5qVZw.png              8P8K0mR.png              MmskSRC.png


The yellow circle is just there to give the illusion that the figure is moving forward.


The next animation is more realistic walking legs, the problem is you can't tell which leg is right and which is left.



This time we colour the legs so we can see right from left. Much better.



Let's make them flesh coloured.



Add a dress?






Next time we'll give her some arms and a head.






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Hello @Anybloodyid and smileys-smiley-with-sign-580722.gif 


Please don't feel intimidated.  We all had to start, like you, and I can tell you that my first attempt was nowhere near as good as this amazing bleeding heart you just posted.  Please do begin a Gallery and post what you have made.  That way we can comment and advise, if necessary.


Happy PDNing :D

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You're starting out better than I did. I couldn't even get the sides of my hearts to be even, plus your lightning bolt follows a logical path, instead of curving off at some weird angle. So yeah, keep at it, because you've got a pretty good start!

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That sure looks very cute @Anybloodyid and would be even better if it were bigger.  Can I give you a few pointers, if you don't mind.  If I'm not mistaken you are uploading your images directly into the forum?


A much better way is this:


1.  Upload your images to an outside host like Photobucket or Imgur.


2.  With Photobucket - after you upload you can then copy the code for either  IMG or IMGThumb and then post that into your post.


3.  With Imgur you upload and copy the last 7 digits of your image code, then go to the little green dot in the black square on the top right Tool bar in this thread and you will

     get a pop-up window open.  Add the 7 digits to this.  This way your image will appear in your thread as a thumb which is clickable to a larger image.






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