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  1. Interesting use of plugins and some nice effects created.
  2. Only recently arrived back at the forum and those are some weird and wonderful images.
  3. Small world indeed Welsh 😄 Whistling Willie is now complete as he walks across the background image. Sure is quiet around here isn't it.
  4. I'm in Powys adopted Welsh wouldn't be anywhere else. Only 8 frames in the animation
  5. Thanks Welsh, is the name because you live in Wales? I only ask because I do.
  6. Thanks Pixey, He looks better with a body now
  7. Well here I am again back after a long time away, looked at this post and realised the images were missing. So i have started again hope you like what you see and I will keep adding to it as time permits.
  8. Thanks Beta just need time now to finish her off.
  9. Seerose, hippiechos, Thanks for looking and commenting, next post will be hands and head.
  10. Making the walking animation more realistic?
  11. I think all of the images you have posted are really impressive. For some reason I can't give a reputation to this user? Never mind they don't mean a lot anyway.
  12. Still finding my way around this forum, find it strange that the newest post is on the last page, normally in forums it's the other way round? Still that aside, your egg really does have a flourish and then some !
  13. Thanks Lynxster, I kept it small to stop you seeing more detail !!
  14. Hi Lioness, I like the image a lot if I could make one constructive criticism. See if you can make the flames a little bit more individual.
  15. Maximilian and LionsDragon, Thank you both for taking the time to look and comment on my second attempt using PDN.
  16. Hi Pixey, Thank you for the comments and thank you for your advice on posting thumbs to the site.
  17. Thanks for that I was holding the shift key but trying to do it with the pencil/paintbrush tool.
  18. How can you draw a straight line in PDN. Thanks for looking.
  19. Thanks Rick that explained how to get a gradient effect in PDN perfectly. In PSP you could get the same effect without having to select the area. You just set the pallet to gradient and used the fill tool to fill the selected coloured area with a gradient. Not bothered now you have explained it.
  20. Thanks for both replys I think I need to look at the plugins available.
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