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Very interesting, Eli!


In my initial comment I said:


Though the plugin was mostly written as an experiment, I can think of a few possible uses for it, including softening edges for antialiasing and as a sort of more flexible Crystallize effect, which I'll explain in a follow-up comment.


I never did post a follow-up comment, but that's the type of thing I had in mind. The effect is much like Crystallize, except the distribution of the centers (and therefore the distribution and size of the cells) can be modified.


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IS it possible to use this feature to match the "expand image" feature in Micrographix's Picture Publisher 10 where you can "add" some additional blank cells to an image

I want to add / paste an image alongside an existing image so the final result is as if the two were stuck with selotape

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Not so. Anchor the existing image to the center and the canvas will be enlarged around all four sides.

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Great plugin and what the community does with it looks exciting!


I was looking for something which, after an hour of searching and playing with your plugin, I learned is called 'blur fill'.


You plugin does something similar. From the posts, I can see how the alpha fade is useful in cases the result will be placed on top of another layer.

In cases like mine, with single images, I think it would be great to be have the option to blur fade. Maybe with checkboxes  allowing to even select both fade blur & alpha.

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