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  1. Dearest, if I EVER be able to create a shape (which still sounds a bit like science fiction) - you'll be responsible for that.
  2. What you love is called Armada Pirata (letter "t") - highly recommended They glow thanks to @Red ochre's Tone Gradient Angle (Gold) and because the author of this thread kinda makes things glow. (Including ropes.)
  3. Using stock is easy. Having a Rope of One's Own is cosy. Learning from @Pixey is cool.
  4. How precious is this line... Predicting the reaction and explaining the trick Here is a Coffee Rose for you. It's fuzzy because ROOKIE. Can't du without messin'... And here is Variation 2 I think for that one I used Negation blending on top - with transparency about 199 - but who knows now...
  5. It can be used for making two-colored things as well. 2 layers - 2 colors, then eraser on top and/or transparent gradient. Thank you @ReMake
  6. Thank you @lynxster4 - you're the perfect audience, I'm tellin' ya Remember many of my things wouldn't be here without your contribution. If you enjoy them, I'm glad. Thinking of a "tribal" series now - still vaguely but we'll see... Have a nice day / night / whatever
  7. Nothing compares to yours. Well, if I used the renovation picture, that would ruin the charms of their trip. So let it be classic Thank you.
  8. Update 2 ~ My Signature and Other Animals 'Three Minutes' - from scratch. No clipart or stock. Thank you @MadJik for TreeGen. Lynxster's pack and Lydia's pack are #musthave 'The Runaway' was based on this tutorial - thank you @Red ochre - I just did not use multiply blending and left the original image in the game, half transparent. 'Alter Ego' - Squirkle Warp (anti-pyramid + shading to "0") @Pixey - 'Northern Mind' was for you
  9. They became my Fabulous Four when I started to understand something about black female voices. A person who grows up listening to the alternative of all kinds is prone to think, "I know everything about mind blowing". The hell I knew... Treasures.
  10. Instrumental. Maya Belsitzman - 'Waking The Beast' - cello and nothing but the cello.
  11. @lynxster4, @Pixey, @Red ochre, @ReMake - 1. You're cool 2. You warm my heart 3.
  12. Update 1 here Sketchin' Around Can't Get Enough Of This Tutorial Some Fun No clipart - all PDN effects and shapes. The Sentinel is dedicated to @lynxster4 who does such things much better. @Red ochre, your fantastic pack offers more than we know. Thank you @xod for the clock plugin. to be continued...
  13. I Put A Spell On You - punk version by Ninet Tayeb. May seem a bit ordinary at the beginning but give it a try. Her duel with the guitarist starting from 2:12 is quite a party...
  14. When death comes for me, I want her to have Siobhan's voice - yet I've never been a fan. That style, I always had a feeling like it was perfect food for the previous generation rather... But when they posted this... It took me awhile to stop wearing a silly smile everywhere I go.
  15. If this is "struggling", then I dunno... Excellent.
  16. Exactly, this one and some others where you combine pictures. Would like to see the new ones for sure.
  17. @Red ochre, wow, Aardvark is totally useful for some perspective effects! Tiling options > Clamp - no matter what angle I set - no quality loss, no Say Goodbye To Half Of Your Text As It Disappears Outside The Canvas... Luv it Ps. And the icon is priceless.
  18. First attempt: failed at stage 12. Started playing with the settings and made this one instead (FurBlur rules). Second attempt (right now): check. I think people who invent things like that are out of this planet a bit PS. Thanks to @Seerose as well - for helping to figure out the 4+ version differences. The Rotate/Zoom has changed again ever since and I still cannot believe I've done it.
  19. @TrevorOutlaw, a funny thing - I checked your gallery and saw that it was the very one I'd been searching for (in vain) to take another look at the Double Exposure pictures. Could not remember the artist name. And here comes the artist! A forum life is a joker...
  20. I finally understood how to describe the effect you create with all your fruit @Pixey - they look painted (=artistic) and real (=natural) at the same time. Neither this nor that - but two in one. And the delivery is super.
  21. @Seerose, your gallery is like walking inside a giant kaleidoscope. Bright and colorful - changing every moment. I was very impressed by these Butterflies in the snow. The picture is soft - but just striking. And this one is cosmic. Love your dark ship - and its Scratch Art version, the whole set here. The paper-like ship is very original. Lots of flowers with lots of effects - a neverending garden. Winter gif - like a miracle in the pocket... And you work so well with @Red ochre's Iterative lines plugins. (I have some ideas for them but not enough skills yet) Danke Thanks, and best wishes!
  22. Thanks for your visit @Seerose - colours are your forte, aren't they? Because I have just finished walking around your gallery. Summing up the impressions. Just give me a moment...