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  1. 🖤 When progressive rock meets classical piano 🖤
  2. Accidentally found out how much better a fire text can look with with effect. Thank you @MJW!
  3. Thank you @Pixey for your eye of the beholder!
  4. Thank you @lynxster4 and @Red ochre - I join the list of people amuzed by these plugins. Tnanks for the rep @Eli !
  5. Mosaic vs Sketch Same photos, different effects Facet I II Scribble I II Cuboids vs Scribble "What's your name?" - "Nine Ball." "No, what's your real name?" - "Eight Ball." Thanks for your visit. Have a safe weekend
  6. Happy birthday @Seerose !!! 🎂🍷 Best wishes to you! Everything gut and wunderbar
  7. Romantic tendencies here? #funny #weird .
  8. Thank you @Pixey -- yes, Julia can be useful for a quick playing card back. Like this: And compilations just feel cool when you're having an idea
  9. Thank you @lynxster4, @ReMake and @toe_head2001! Still I cannot imagine 300 paths in ShapeMaker - and you create them.
  10. ~ Wild West ~ No clipart, no stock - the only "real" thing is the Tinypic Goodbye which I modified for the poster. Thank you @lynxster4 for the horse shapes. The card symbols in the Poker Room are unicode. Enjoy! Gone For Good Lucky Night Three Of A Kind Take A Chance Trip Poker Room Hat Shop Thanks for your visit. Take chances and be lucky, you desperado.
  11. @Pixey you are the Good Messenger! Thank you
  12. They are just great. I like the first one very much as another example of your decorative style - the texture is so realistic one can easily "touch and feel" it. The second one is softer and even more magical - almost alive. The background is fine, too. @lynxster4 is in details. And, knowing a few things about ShapeMaker now, let me add - you are the champion.
  13. Played with this tutorial a lot but never was satisfied with the results. Now, at last. Thank you so much @Red ochre - and everyone who posted here - for the inspiration!
  14. Yes but it copies all layers - including the layer with the object you want to change. Visually it's not very convenient. (You'd want only the background in the plugin window - to see the changes you're making with the object). And merging/unmerging just takes a few seconds. It becomes your second nature as soon as you got the trick. Works fine with Grid Warp, Smudge, Liquify etc.
  15. In fact, you can see the full image working with Grid Warp (and some other warp plugins like Liquify). Copy the background. Then open the layer you want to distort in Grid Warp. Right click on the canvas. Choose 'from clipboard'. If there are several layers with parts of the image - just merge them down. Select all and copy. (The full image goes to clipboard.) Undo the merging (History window). Now the layers are separate again. Open the layer you want to adjust in Grid Warp. Right click and choose "from clipboard". You'll see the full background.
  16. Join the question/request. If possible, that would be cool and produce more accurate results.
  17. Thanks @Anybloodyid - PDN plugins are another universe!
  18. Interesting. Solid black turning into texture with one click.