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  1. Rant 1: I've discovered 3D modeling and animation.... I have an idea for a little animated short that I want to cut together, but modeling the character has proven to be a challenge...Haven't even gotten to morphing facial expressions yet...Not to mention it's distracting me from my studies... Rant 2: Blasted stink-bugs... They have made their way, uninvited, into my home. One of them even accosted me in my shower... The nerve of some insects
  2. If I'm not mistaken, some of the votes need to be re-issued for Dug and Sasha. I saw that both entries had a few votes. I know that I had voted for one of them, but I voted on the entry that Noob removed...check to see if all your votes are there...
  3. Dug: Those look pretty nice. I especially like the van Gogh sig. Kemaru: A beautiful piece. Very relaxed and peaceful.
  4. Very nice, as always, Dug I like it, Bonz! Had to run into the other room and share with my sister
  5. It really is a shame just how bad medical staff are treated over there...and the US is not far behind, I fear. I have the utmost respect for our nurses. They work their backsides off to get through school and clinicals, then work long/late hours to ensure the health of their patients. To turn around and get abuse like that is just sad...and for the people that do it, if they were on fire, I wouldn't so much as spit on 'em. My sister just started school to be a nurse. I don't want her to have to face that kind of c_r_a_p. I had to look up what a OBE/MBE was...Celebrities and footballers get
  6. Why did you guys have to make voting so difficult this week?! WHY?!?! http://rageface.ru/faces/face-why.png">http://rageface.ru/faces/face-why.png
  7. I'm gonna have to play around with this one sometime... Good results from everybody
  8. Love the new works, Barbie The first four are all so light and airy, and stones is kinda dusty and very solid. Good work!
  9. Doing a Blasterball sig crossed my mind... Good thing I went with Tetris instead
  10. Beautiful new wallpapers, Barbie. As always, everything is exquisite
  11. Awesome transformation, Welsh! I have some anglophile friends that would really love it.
  12. I love the cubes, Helen! And the can is really good too. Mine (that I didn't enter ) didn't come out anywhere near as good. I'm gonna have to start looking at PS tutorials too
  13. Welsh: I already know a few of the major details...like what happens in The Angels Take Manhattan...I'll just keep watching the old ones and some of the classics to occupy the time.
  14. I'm growing impatient waiting on Series 7 of Doctor Who to be on Netflix... The disadvantages of not having BBC...
  15. Drew: Very nice modification. The grunge did it some good. I've been watching the Marble Hornets videos on YT lately, and the creepy abandoned hospital was the first thing this brought to mind... Welsh: Very good look on both images. Kinda looks like they should be in a video game or something.
  16. Very well put together. I also like the hand-painted kind of look you gave it.
  17. I've just discovered "TobyGames" on YouTube...I had to force myself to stop watching his Happy Wheels sessions...
  18. You have to use the rectangle tool ( ), not the rectangle selection tool ( :Replace: ).
  19. Love how intricate the knotted pieces are. Must've taken quite some time Nice take on Yellowman's spiral torus, too. Good colors.
  20. And... Don't Bring Me Down came on my radio this evening and it reminded me of the Doctor Who episode "Love and Monsters". Had to come home and look up both songs featured
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