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  1. I think that it can be important for parents to talk about finances in the presence of their children when those children are older. It's a way for the children to begin to understand what running a family is going to be like. I'm nineteen, and my parents somewhat frequently discuss important financial matters when I'm around.
  2. @Noob and Pixey: There's been a lot of that mess going on lately, with the Pistorius thing, and the two recent incidents (the mass shooting at the New Town Elementary in CT and the former cop turned mass murderer in CA) here in the US. There used to be a time when people like this actually suffered the consequences for what they did (i.e., suffered the death penalty), but now they can argue "mental issues" or insanity, and get off scot-free. It's not a mental health problem. It's a sin problem. Simple as that. I'd better quit before I get too worked up... My condolences go out to Barbie a
  3. Son of a gun...tough voting today. Had to make some tough decisions. Everyone did a great job.http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys.php'>
  4. Just ate some salt and vinegar potato chips...reminds me of when I went to Wales back when I was eight. Walker's Potato Crisps were the best! Sweet memories Are they still popular across the pond?
  5. Mirror Mirror is very nice. Simple at first glance, but gets more complex the harder you look. I like your other work too
  6. An orchestrated version of a Queen classic? You sure know how to pick them, BoltBait! I personally like this Queen medley from an a Capella singing competition on NBC here in the States. Unfortunately, the show has been cancelled.
  7. I'm addicted to this show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVGUaqcOSWI
  8. I'm considering the low grade a point of motivation. A lot of what I missed was stuff that I should have known, but somehow forgot in the heat of the moment.... Anyway...all I can do now is forget about that, and do my dead-level best on the remainder of the class. Thanks for all of that
  9. EER: I feel you. But, the world would not have smart people if there weren't...not so smart...people like him
  10. It may be a pass, but I'm usually used to A's and B's. I fumbled on recall and the concepts...needless to say I'll be studying a lot more...
  11. Listening to Isaac Shepard and working on my sig for SOTW. Didn't know you just had to paste the link... I was becoming quite cross with the BBCode...
  12. Sometimes school sucks... I just learned that I failed my first O-chem test miserably. Like 56% miserably. Never seen a grade that low my entire life. Now I'm going to have to work my butt off all semester just to make up for it. *commence sad violins* http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys.php'> http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys.php'> http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys.php'>
  13. Wait just a minute, Welsh... your 18 year old son listens to One Direction?! Ummm... Give him something real! Please! For the sake of all things good in this world! Sasha & Red: Although I don't listen to rock, you guys are spot on. The older the better.
  14. Kemaru: You think Chopin is light? Or is it just that piece? Because I personally think Chopin's music is rather heavy and emotional, but that's what makes it amazing I'm a huge fan of Chopin.
  15. Oh, ok. I just thought the host would need admin's permission to start the comp. Sorry Edit: I must be blind as a bat, because I didn't even see the title "Master of Competition Ideas" over EER's avatar...
  16. I too think this is a wonderful idea. Now if only someone could bring it to Pyro's attention... (Hopefully that did it... :] )
  17. Hey! Another homeschooler! I'm feeling less wierd by the day! Plus, you're comment deserves an upvote. *upvotes* Helen: Thank you. I sure hope so.
  18. Barbie: Organic chemistry is the study of carbon and carbon containing compounds...exciting stuff I don't think we have paracetamol in the US, unless it goes by a different name here... Edit: paracetamol = acetaminophen. Now I can agree that it would be a good idea. Don't want to be taking anything trippy EER: Very funny! But to be truthful, that's only true in a few cases...get a whiff of some hexane and you'll agree... Helen: I enjoyed taking it last semester and managed to get an A. However, this semester I have the toughest O-chem professor at my university (it was unavoidabl
  19. NMD! My fellow homeschooler! It's always nice to find others. Another formerly homeschooled friend of mine just moved to CO. He really likes to ski. Maybe you should try that. Rant: Trying to study for an organic chemistry exam with a headache isn't really that productive...It's making the headache worse, and the desire to study less and less...
  20. Never mind my friend. I Googled it really quick and figured it out. Thanks anyway. Now to figure out how to delete that post....
  21. By the way... I'm having a little trouble formatting links to other sites ... could someone perhaps point me toward a thread that explains that? I know there has to be one somewhere... Edit: This post is no longer relevant.
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