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Found 16 results

  1. Gaussian Blur (Clamped) Effects -> Blurs -> Gaussian Blur (Clamped) Description This effect is exactly the same as the regular Gaussian Blur effect, except this effect gets clamped to the active selection. This stops colors (and transparency) from bleeding through from outside of the selection. If you don't have anything selected, there is no need to run this effect (although, it wouldn't hurt anything if you did run it). Comparison Gaussian Blur (Clamped) - Radius of 25: -> Gaussian Blur - Radius of 25: ->
  2. Furblur update 30th July 2014 A versatile blur/trail effect. Useful for Fur, false beards and grass textures and also for paper textures, watercolour effects and 'scribbled' drawing effects. Found under: Effects/Blurs/FurBlur Dll name = FurBlur. An updated version is in my V10 Plugin pack here Red ochre v10 plugin pack I would like thank 'Null54' who made this plugin possible. I spent days trying to get it to work and he solved the problem in hours! - greatly indebted. I would also like to thank EER, without whose diplomatic skills I would have left the forum
  3. This is essentially a upgraded Fragment Blur though the algorithm isn't exactly the same as the native one, it is very similar nonetheless. New features are color space options, boundary options, utilize half image hypotenuse rather than distance, linear interpolation shift, superimposing the original. Examples provided kindly by @lynxster4: How to install: Download the zip, and extract it directly into the Effects folder (If you already have GmicSharpNative folder). -> GmicFragmentBlurPlus.zip If you don't have 'GmicSharpNativefolde
  4. Gradient Blur Effect Plugin What's this? There is an effect for the gaussian blur... There is a tool for the gradient... This is a mix of both: the Gradient Blur! I took the code of the gaussian blur from Paint.net source (vers. 3.10) and I've added two radius to allow to keep an area un-blurred or gradually blurred. Download it! Plugin Gradient Blur.dll Here is the DLL The MadJik's All plugins package is available ! http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=7186 How to install Close Paint
  5. Blurs > Glass Blur This is an effect I ran across while working on the Quality sliders for my distortion plugins. Essentially, it blurs an image in a proportional way to its lightness while keeping some darker outlines intact. It ends up either looking like you're looking at the image through thick glass, or the image itself is made out of glass. Let's take a look at it. Radius -- Basically determines how much depth the effect has. Higher values will sample more pixels and probably look better, but will also take longer to render. Thres
  6. This is Zoom Blur Deluxe recompiled to be compatible with Paint.NET 4.0, no other changes have been made. The following description is copied from the original thread. It is faster than the built-in zoom effect and you can move the center. Enjoy ! License : Same as Paint Dot Net license. (MIT) ZoomBlurDeluxe_4.0.zip ZoomBlurDeluxeSrc_4.0.zip
  7. After receiving a request and encouraged to make an official release, here is the BlurBlend plugin. This plugin was created in CodeLab where the source image is copied, with the Gaussian blur running while presenting you with a host of blending options ranging from Paint.NET's default blending modes and @ReMake blending algorithms he shared in the Plugin Development Central. The Interface The plugin will be found in the Blur Effect submenu. Please see @lynxster4 wonderful Ariel image to see how this plugin can be used. BlurBlend.zip
  8. Trail Blur is more or less a souped-up Motion Blur. I considered calling it Motion Blur+, but decided not to, since the default settings are quite different. The main extra feature is the ability to cause the blur to fade at the trailing end, giving a direction to the motion. That's something I've sometimes wanted that isn't available with Motion Blur. The other significant additional feature is the option of curved (circular) paths. The plugin: Trail Blur.dll Here is the UI: The description from the Help menu: Trail Blur creates a mo
  9. I got abit bored today (as usual ) so i decided to make a blur plugin, this is similar to KrisVDM's Average Blur, but this only takes the average color of the edge of radius, for easier understanding, what this does is that it uses an 8-way symmetry circle algorithm and instead of drawing to the pixels it stores the pixel color and gets the average color of all stored colors. AverageEdgeBlur.zip UI original image blurred image
  10. This effect is modification of Average Edge Blur effect by @Cookies. For each pixel of the image this effect finds colors of the pixels surrounding it within the selected radius. Then this effect fills current pixel with averaged value of the found colors. Unlike Average Edge Blur this effect allows to blur the image not only in each separate channel of color, but also in their combination. Also the drop-down list of blending modes is added to effect. Download from my PluginPack You can find it: Effects -> Blurs -> Averaged Color Blur The U
  11. Gaussian Blur+ Plugin Forgot to post this one... Tanel asked for a Gaussian Blur function where the user could specify a different amount of blur for each channel (Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha). Here is my take on the problem. The Idea My thought was to modify the Gaussian Blur code to blur only the selected channel. I started with the Code that Illnab1024 sent me and just started making changes. I used CodeLab so that I wouldn't have to worry too much about a UI. The rest came easy. I'm familiar enough with the Gaussian Blur code at this point that these changes only took me about 15
  12. Download from my plugin set Effects -> Blurs -> Gradient Blocks...
  13. TechnoRobbo's Tilt-Shift Another Classic photographic simulation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilt%E2%80%93shift_photography Tilt Shift Photography is created by misaligning the lens with the film or image sensor. This misalignment actually shifts the depth of field. TR's Tilt-Shift is a directional gradient blur tool designed to easily achieve the effect. Menu: Effects - > Blurs Video Tutorial for image plane image music by TechnoRobbo Vanishing Point The Code Hidden Content: // Submenu: B
  14. Overblur Now in my plugin pack here: Red ochre plugin pack This is a very simple plugin. It compares the blurred picture to the original and lets you choose how much of that change to apply. Results range from an odd effect useful for making textures through to a passable sharpen effect. And here is the codelab code:
  15. Download from my plugin set Effects -> Blurs -> Pixelate+ Yes, I know, this plugin is not really worth getting excited over, but whatever. It adds a new sampling mode (the one GIMP uses) as well as the ability to use non-square cells. Download from my plugin set
  16. Color Zoom Blur Effect Plugin What's this? This effect is based on the zoom blur effect, but with it you are able to handle the color chanels separetly. ( original model from http://www.photo-libre.fr ) Download it! Plugin ColorZoomBlur.dll Here is the DLL Created with CodeLab... The MadJik's All plugins package is available ! http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=7186 How to install Close Paint.net Classic version of Paint.net Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usu
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