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  1. I watched it last week...interesting is a good way of putting it. As someone who likes the inner workings of film/television, I think they took a risk with it, but they pull off the reality mixed with cheesy sci-fi genre fairly well.
  2. Spectacular images as always, Red. Gotta say, I wasn't expecting the eye in the last one, but it works
  3. It's a mighty good thing I didn't do a dome like I started off doing
  4. Sunshine wins for me... even though Smashmouth is the soundtrack to my generation
  5. Ahhh... brings back childhood memories of playing the board game Candyland I rather enjoy that piece. Very bright and cheerful
  6. Just as long as your image is no bigger than 500 by 150 pixels (you can see that in your computer), you will be fine. And if you want your hosting site to detect size, try Imgur. It does.
  7. I almost didn't notice it... It's lookin' sexy, Drew
  8. Don't feel too bad, Welsh. I read it as oil pants too. I too have taken a step back from sodas recently. Haven't felt any effects yet, but it's only been a few days. We'll see how it goes.
  9. 4.0 is looking exciting! I'm not normally one that likes changes, but these look really good.
  10. Love the new piece. You truly are a master of shiny
  11. I agree. And easy on the spoilers! some of us don't have BBC!
  12. My current sig. It's my first real attempt at a space scape.
  13. Very nice, Dryda. I really like the arrangement of the cubes.
  14. Put it in a bowl of dry, uncooked rice. I heard it helps dry it out.
  15. Wow, Yellowman...I'm always amazed at the realism in your pieces...
  16. Very nice piece. The foreground is very well done, but once again stunned by the background!
  17. Welcome aboard, sir! Good to see you've already entered a comp.
  18. Inspired by the Cool text/outlined gradient text tutorial. Just now getting around to posting... http://i.imgur.com/wZoHUhq.png">http://i.imgur.com/wZoHUhq.png
  19. Last month of the semester...busy busy busy...

  20. Very impressive work, Dryda. It never ceases to amaze me what can be done with PDN.
  21. I can see how that would be annoying...but I did enjoy the accents...
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